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  0 Thread: Ridgid R4331 planer issue
Post: RE: Ridgid R4331 planer issue

pull the side cover and watch the drive chains when lumbers going through.
tomsteve Woodworking Power Tools 10 470 03-21-2023, 03:07 AM
  0 Thread: Cross Cut Blade Recommendation
Post: RE: Cross Cut Blade Recommendation

museumguy Wrote: (02-07-2023, 09:27 PM) -- Absolutely. I've been in a commercial woodworking setting for 40 years. If you look at industrial blades, the carbide is much thicker. The reason is to get ...
tomsteve Woodworking Power Tools 20 1,674 03-09-2023, 08:14 AM
  0 Thread: Dremel Scroll Saw #1830
Post: RE: Dremel Scroll Saw #1830

#1Crawdad Wrote: (02-21-2023, 05:00 PM) -- My Dremel Scroll Saw #1830 suddenly wouldn't start after running fine. Have electricity to Motor circuit board, switch fine, VS control pot works, brushes f...
tomsteve Woodworking Power Tools 2 314 02-21-2023, 06:34 PM
  0 Thread: Best way to attach pneumatic hose to barbed fitting?
Post: RE: Best way to attach pneumatic hose to barbed fi...

if you have a napa nearby, you could take the hose up there and see if they can assist. if they cant they might know of a hydraulic/pneumatic repair shop locally thaqt can
tomsteve Woodworking Power Tools 19 1,140 02-17-2023, 06:30 AM
  0 Thread: Shop Floor Suggestions Needed
Post: RE: Shop Floor Suggestions Needed

i think i would consider 3/4 T&G osb glued and screwed and ran perpendicular to whats down there.
tomsteve Home Improvement 8 606 02-13-2023, 05:28 AM
  0 Thread: Rid house of old electronics/electricals?
Post: RE: Rid house of old electronics/electricals?

look for electronics forums. might need different search terms but there are still people out there working on and collecting the old stuff. local FB for sale community page. might be groups on face...
tomsteve Home Improvement 8 648 01-24-2023, 03:32 AM
  0 Thread: rolling pin finish
Post: RE: rolling pin finish

if you want anything on them, stick with food grade mineral oil or butcher block oil and just a light coat
tomsteve Finishing 11 623 01-22-2023, 10:02 PM
  0 Thread: Does a textured ceiling really reduce noise?
Post: RE: Does a textured ceiling really reduce noise?

MstrCarpenter Wrote: (01-13-2023, 09:42 PM) -- Stone castles had beautiful tapestries hanging on the walls. They weren't just for decoration. -- yup. there are quite a few options available for soun...
tomsteve Home Improvement 14 727 01-17-2023, 07:33 AM
  0 Thread: Garage Advice
Post: RE: Garage Advice

BaileyNo5 Wrote: (01-15-2023, 02:25 PM) -- Any other thoughts that would help turn this into a nice shop space?  Appreciate your input. -- 10' walls you will never hear someone say, "i should have ...
tomsteve Home Improvement 17 955 01-17-2023, 06:08 AM
  0 Thread: How can this be a shop tip?
Post: RE: How can this be a shop tip?

srv52761 Wrote: (01-12-2023, 11:53 AM) --   Uhhh, this is a woodworking site.  Anyone who doesn’t sharpen pencils on the lathe or, in a hurry, on the jointer should evaluate his/her commitment to th...
tomsteve Woodworking 12 1,326 01-12-2023, 11:57 AM
  0 Thread: How can this be a shop tip?
Post: RE: How can this be a shop tip?

KC Wrote: (01-07-2023, 08:01 AM) -- A lot of beginners wouldn't know you could buy the parts and make your own to save a buck (maybe). Nothing new to us, but I expect a lot of those tips aren't. -...
tomsteve Woodworking 12 1,326 01-09-2023, 04:48 PM
  0 Thread: Duct Cleaning - Scam??
Post: RE: Duct Cleaning - Scam??

R Clark Wrote: (11-06-2022, 09:09 AM) -- Friends of ours in Fayetteville AR just moved into their new home a year ago.  It's in one of those subdivisions where dozens of houses were under constructio...
tomsteve Home Improvement 19 1,669 01-03-2023, 10:09 AM
  0 Thread: Mail Order Lumber Supplier
Post: RE: Mail Order Lumber Supplier

ive used ocooch hardwoods often mainly for BB ply but have also purchased different species and have no compliants.
tomsteve Woodworking 7 937 11-26-2022, 06:53 PM
  0 Thread: What the heck is this?
Post: RE: What the heck is this?

What the heck is this? something you thought might be useful for something?? :) looks like it has found its usefulness. :) 
tomsteve Woodworking Power Tools 11 1,985 11-14-2022, 02:55 PM
  0 Thread: Joust Span
Post: RE: Joust Span

Scott W Wrote: (10-23-2022, 08:06 AM) -- I want to build a 12x24 that will be moved onto a permanent foundation later...the plans I'm looking at call for 2x8 joist that only have support on the eges....
tomsteve Home Improvement 17 781 10-23-2022, 09:41 AM
  0 Thread: Worth milling red oak?
Post: RE: Worth milling red oak?

FS7 Wrote: (10-19-2022, 08:40 PM) --  It was straight and true for about 36 feet, then it split into two smaller logs. I assume I won't mill anything other than the trunk sections, single and double....
tomsteve Woodworking 35 2,290 10-20-2022, 05:19 AM
  0 Thread: Trailer for lumber runs?
Post: RE: Trailer for lumber runs?

who needs a trailer. :)
tomsteve Woodworking 28 1,793 10-03-2022, 10:28 AM
  0 Thread: May I cut away this barrier?
Post: RE: May I cut away this barrier?

Snipe Hunter Wrote: (09-28-2022, 08:22 PM) -- Only between the garage and living space. From floor, through the attic to the roof line. -- looks like they were a bit short gettin to the roof line- ...
tomsteve Home Improvement 7 692 10-01-2022, 07:58 AM
  0 Thread: to buy or not to buy?.
Post: RE: to buy or not to buy?.

weelis Wrote: (09-23-2022, 07:23 PM) --   Asking price is 2000$.   -- asking price tells me price is negotiable determine a price you will pay.  say you are willing to pay $1500. offer a grand.
tomsteve Tool Swap N' Sell 28 2,143 09-25-2022, 12:26 PM
  0 Thread: Another framing question
Post: RE: Another framing question

KC Wrote: (09-23-2022, 05:40 AM) --    They built the entire two story side wall (with high cielings), house wrapped it, then stood it up with a lift thingy.  That was interesting (scary) to watch.  ...
tomsteve Home Improvement 6 529 09-25-2022, 11:53 AM

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