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  0 Thread: Pine flooring finish
Post: RE: Pine flooring finish

TyG Wrote: (06-29-2022, 11:53 AM) -- For the finish coats on pine flooring, what is your recommendation? Waterbased poly, solvent poly, tung oil finish blend, pure tung oil? I've seen stuff on the ...
mike4244 Home Improvement 7 567 07-07-2022, 07:26 PM
  0 Thread: Buy new or sharpen
Post: RE: Buy new or sharpen

Gregor1 Wrote: (06-18-2022, 06:03 AM) -- I have a number of 25+ year old 10" saw blades. These are not thin blades. The teeth are .133 thick. They are mostly Delta, and Freud. I have seen where so ma...
mike4244 Woodworking Power Tools 13 948 06-19-2022, 11:32 PM
  0 Thread: Remove staples from wood
Post: RE: Remove staples from wood

Beaver Bob Wrote: (05-25-2022, 04:22 PM) -- I need to repair a coffee table that was damaged. The legs were stapled on with an air gun. I want to use dowels to repair the table, but must remove the s...
mike4244 Woodworking 14 1,123 06-06-2022, 12:23 AM
  0 Thread: Red Oak / White Oak
Post: RE: Red Oak / White Oak

jteneyck Wrote: (06-05-2022, 12:55 PM) -- White oak has a tallow color.  Red oak varies but almost always has a red tone.  If you sand the boards a little, white oak will smell like wine casks, red o...
mike4244 Woodworking 13 1,013 06-06-2022, 12:14 AM
  0 Thread: Concrete
Post: RE: Concrete

Gregor1 Wrote: (05-26-2022, 06:27 AM) -- I have a 5" wide, by 5" deep, by 34" long area of concrete, that was poured into a foundation wall, to support a new door installation. How long do I have to ...
mike4244 Home Improvement 5 580 06-03-2022, 04:08 AM
  0 Thread: Worn Bandsaw Blades
Post: RE: Worn Bandsaw Blades

Cian Wrote: (04-22-2022, 10:39 PM) -- Any decent use for dull/worn-out bandsaw blades? Or just toss ‘em? -- I sharpen dull blades that have 3 or less TPI . I use a dremell tool with chainsaw grind...
mike4244 Woodworking Power Tools 14 1,388 05-29-2022, 10:11 PM
  0 Thread: Is there a trick...Finished mudroom update, P2.
Post: RE: Is there a trick to installing something that'...

FS7 Wrote: (05-20-2022, 08:45 AM) -- I assume not, but I thought I would ask. My current project is a cabinet storage bench for our mudroom. Our builder offered an "arrival center" which was complete...
mike4244 Woodworking 19 1,562 05-21-2022, 12:47 AM
  0 Thread: Butcher Block Counter, Undermount Sink what router bit.
Post: RE: Butcher Block Counter, Undermount Sink what ro...

dejongs Wrote: (04-06-2022, 02:06 PM) -- I am installing a butcher block counter top for my son's family and am working on the cutout for the under mount sink. I bought a brand new 1/2 diameter, 2" l...
mike4244 Woodworking 9 722 04-07-2022, 08:08 PM
  0 Thread: Bandsaw tension?
Post: RE: Bandsaw tension?

MT Woodworker Wrote: (03-29-2022, 12:50 PM) -- Ok, what are your thoughts on bandsaw tension? Personally l do release mine if I will not be using the bandsaw for an extended period of time. Wha...
mike4244 Woodworking Power Tools 6 888 04-07-2022, 01:35 AM
  0 Thread: Curious mind wants to know -- Do you buy or make fences
Post: RE: Curious mind wants to know -- Do you buy or ma...

Handplanesandmore Wrote: (01-06-2022, 06:29 PM) -- for your tools? If buy, why? (Not counting the fence that comes with your purchase.) Simon...
mike4244 Woodworking Hand Tools 7 1,158 01-06-2022, 07:56 PM
  0 Thread: Small hand plane
Post: RE: Small hand plane

TGW Wrote: (12-18-2021, 04:04 PM) -- I see no reason not to nickel weld or braze a plane with that sort of damage back together. -- I had a Stanley block plane that I kept in my toolbox at work. I ...
mike4244 Woodworking Hand Tools 23 3,444 12-18-2021, 08:06 PM
  0 Thread: Cabinet scraper advice?
Post: RE: Cabinet scraper advice?

Aram Wrote: (12-04-2021, 01:35 PM) -- I have a big stack of card scrapers. I use them to clean up glue lines, smooth out small divots from my machines, and occasionally to make two slightly different...
mike4244 Woodworking Hand Tools 18 2,722 12-14-2021, 07:34 PM
  0 Thread: Hide Glue Pot
Post: RE: Hide Glue Pot

Large Wooden Badger Wrote: (11-29-2021, 10:17 AM) -- As I continue down this hand tool slippery slope, I want to start using hide glue to the extent possible.  Been using Old Brown, but would like to...
mike4244 Woodworking Hand Tools 17 2,253 11-30-2021, 05:49 AM
  0 Thread: How would you reach the peak of our house to paint it
Post: RE: How would you reach the peak of our house to p...

Dumb_Polack Wrote: (04-02-2021, 08:11 AM) -- Well...the job started out simple enough...... just scrape and paint the trim around the door.  Did that, but when I stained the side of the brickmold, we...
mike4244 Home Improvement 41 8,161 11-24-2021, 10:57 PM
  0 Thread: Delta Hybrid Saw Dado Insert
Post: RE: Delta Hybrid Saw Dado Insert

Dunno207 Wrote: (11-23-2021, 04:21 PM) -- I recently acquired an older delta hybrid saw that is in pretty great condition. Model: 36-714 The only problem is I need an insert for a Dado blade an...
mike4244 Woodworking Power Tools 8 1,028 11-24-2021, 10:39 PM
  0 Thread: should have done it years ago department
Post: RE: should have done it years ago department

MarkSingleton Wrote: (09-17-2021, 04:18 PM) -- A minor glue up this morning. But the stopper for the glue bottle didn't want to budge. Had to get a pair of pliers and pull the silly thing off. Sa...
mike4244 Woodworking 26 3,682 10-13-2021, 10:03 PM
  0 Thread: Need help with drill press motor
Post: RE: Need help with drill press motor

mike4244 Wrote: (09-30-2021, 06:08 PM) -- Take your old motor to a reputable motor shop. They will either re-build your motor or sell you a new one.  Before I would buy a motor online I would have t...
mike4244 Woodworking Power Tools 22 3,070 09-30-2021, 06:19 PM
  0 Thread: Need help with drill press motor
Post: RE: Need help with drill press motor

msweig Wrote: (09-30-2021, 05:51 PM) -- So the motor on my old Delta DP220 bit the dust.  I decided to see if I could find an old one that works.  Found one on ebay that looked promising, but who kno...
mike4244 Woodworking Power Tools 22 3,070 09-30-2021, 06:08 PM
  0 Thread: Delta 37-280 Height Adjustment
Post: RE: Delta 37-280 Height Adjustment

Remove one of the jamb nuts. Use the knob for the second jamb nut. Also red loctite on the threads will take the place of the set screw.  Make sure the threads are clean, both the knob internal threa...
mike4244 Woodworking Power Tools 2 584 09-18-2021, 06:31 PM
  0 Thread: Ripping a 6ft board
Post: RE: Ripping a 6ft board

theguch Wrote: (09-16-2021, 03:16 PM) -- I'm trying to rip the edge off of a 6ft 2x10 doug fir board on my table saw. I'm having trouble controlling such a long board and I've so far managed to bog t...
mike4244 Woodworking 13 2,167 09-16-2021, 11:51 PM

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