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  0 Thread: Black locust?
Post: RE: Black locust?

Interesting that our experiences with black locust are so different. The tree I’m calling b/l has beautiful clusters of blossoms in June, and the resulting pods have lots of beans in them.
Petertaylor Woodworking 13 796 07-30-2022, 07:45 PM
  0 Thread: Tap off one side of 240V
Post: RE: Tap off one side of 240V

Thank you for the knowledgeable comments and questions. The underground wire out of the basement is 10-2 with ground. 30 amp breaker. The pressure switch is in the basement. I hadn’t realized that ...
Petertaylor Home Improvement 8 357 07-27-2022, 06:38 PM
  0 Thread: Tap off one side of 240V
Post: Tap off one side of 240V

Our deep well has an underground 240 line running to it. Nearby is a shed and I would like to add a few lights inside. I know that tapping 120 off one side of the pump is not code, but would cause any...
Petertaylor Home Improvement 8 357 07-27-2022, 09:07 AM
  0 Thread: Hallway Table Build
Post: RE: Hallway Table Build

Thanks for sharing the project. Since the table was to be grey, why use your white oak? Wouldn’t any cheaper species have been okay?
Petertaylor Woodworking 20 1,213 07-24-2022, 03:36 PM
  0 Thread: Black locust?
Post: RE: Black locust?

For being such a hard wood, black locust grows tall very quickly. We heated with it for years. If you’ve never cut it before, you’ll think your chain saw is dull. It cannot be split by hand, and even...
Petertaylor Woodworking 13 796 07-23-2022, 07:50 AM
  0 Thread: Mold Removal
Post: RE: Mold Removal

Yes, we had a 110-year-old basement with limestone walls. They were black with mold. Also the joists overhead. We bought the pricey Biocide kit. Don’t recall what kit options there were, but the o...
Petertaylor Home Improvement 2 208 07-21-2022, 07:53 PM
  0 Thread: Heat and AC
Post: RE: Heat and AC

This guy is difficult to watch, but if you can endure him, you will learn a lot about AC systems.
Petertaylor Woodworking 13 757 07-21-2022, 07:43 PM
  0 Thread: Accidentally Cut Underground Wire
Post: RE: Accidentally Cut Underground Wire

Thank you. Peter
Petertaylor Home Improvement 8 660 05-28-2022, 08:45 AM
  0 Thread: Accidentally Cut Underground Wire
Post: Accidentally Cut Underground Wire

While digging a hole to plant a bush, the shovel hit the 120V wire that runs from the house to the barn lights. The wire is not encased in PVC; just a bare wire about four inches deep in the sod. Th...
Petertaylor Home Improvement 8 660 05-27-2022, 08:59 PM
  0 Thread: Johnson Paste Wax is discontinued
Post: RE: Johnson Paste Wax is discontinued

Someone said make sure a new choice of wax does not have silicone. How would silicone be harmful?
Petertaylor Woodworking 23 2,360 05-16-2022, 07:35 PM
  0 Thread: Way back memory
Post: RE: Way back memory

Excellent! How is it that I recognize some of those. Especially about the tailgate.
Petertaylor Woodworking 2 565 05-15-2022, 03:09 PM
  0 Thread: Miter Sled - Features Important to You?
Post: RE: Miter Sled - Features Important to You?

Hello John. Will your sled will be available soon? Or is it just something you are wondering about? Peter
Petertaylor Woodworking 26 2,248 05-11-2022, 01:40 PM
  0 Thread: Checking Heat Pump
Post: Checking Heat Pump

We have live here for two years, so know nothing about the heat pump. And we have never lived with AC before. This furnace / AC system work together; if it’s too cold, the propane system kicks in. L...
Petertaylor Home Improvement 3 434 03-25-2022, 09:09 AM
  0 Thread: Stand On Rubber Mat
Post: Stand On Rubber Mat

My shop has a concrete floor, and I have no complaints. But does anyone think standing on a rubber mat is beneficial?
Petertaylor Home Improvement 18 1,500 03-12-2022, 11:12 AM
  0 Thread: exact 90 miter guage
Post: RE: exact 90 miter guage

The Osborne is what I use and am very happy with the exactness. I check it for square every time, and it’s always correct. I like the way it can be locked into 5 degree increments. And easy enough t...
Petertaylor Woodworking Power Tools 10 1,215 03-10-2022, 05:19 PM
  0 Thread: Trestle table build thread
Post: RE: Trestle table build thread

Beautiful table, and thanks for the build-along showing your craftsmanship. When I see the illustration with the breadboard ends, it shows pegs holding the top down. How will that allow for seasona...
Petertaylor Woodworking 39 3,283 02-28-2022, 11:25 AM
  0 Thread: Communal Shop Space.
Post: RE: Communal Shop Space.

When I began woodworking a few years ago, what surprised me was how much time is spent maintaining the tools! All the sharpening and precision setups, so as Kudzu suggested, who keeps things in best s...
Petertaylor Woodworking 13 980 02-28-2022, 11:06 AM
  0 Thread: Design Considerations
Post: RE: Design Considerations

Yes. Reveal will look better.
Petertaylor Woodworking 11 1,218 02-04-2022, 06:36 PM
  0 Thread: Piano Shell Design and Construction - Need Help
Post: RE: Piano Shell Design and Construction - Need Hel...

Why not just look for a real baby grand. There is no market for them since things have gone electronic. Our Craigslist has had one for FREE. Also I saw a video of a semi load of pianos being tossed in...
Petertaylor Woodworking 5 502 01-22-2022, 06:13 PM
  0 Thread: Insulating non-wrapped structure
Post: RE: Insulating non-wrapped structure

Just had our 30 x 40 metal garage foamed to make it suitable for wood shop. Very cold in northern Illinois. Very expensive, but no point stating the cost. You’d have to get a local quote.
Petertaylor Home Improvement 13 977 01-05-2022, 08:27 PM

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