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  0 Thread: trouble with antler
Post: RE: trouble with antler

The closer you get to the end point the more it is bent, you need a big enough piece to make straight. I take the selected piece to the edge sander to make it close to round before drilling, then squa...
Woodshop Woodturning 2 349 08-17-2021, 08:34 AM
  0 Thread: band saw illumination
Post: RE: band saw illumination

(03-17-2021, 08:24 PM)weelis Wrote: Does anyone know of a magnetic based bandsaw light that REALLY works>  Every vone I have tried fails miserable in staying in place with the BS vibration.  If y...
Woodshop Woodworking 35 4,028 03-18-2021, 08:33 AM
  0 Thread: Question regarding Powermatic 3520A..
Post: RE: Question regarding Powermatic 3520A..

(02-10-2021, 07:45 AM)charliez Wrote: I will be making some kind of cover to go over my ways on the new PM for that time of the process.  I don't know what yet but something simple yet effective. I...
Woodshop Woodturning 25 2,530 02-11-2021, 09:20 AM
  0 Thread: Fingers Crossed
Post: RE: Fingers Crossed

(01-26-2021, 02:17 PM)lincmercguy Wrote: "So if they say you have one on the way, rest assured it will arrive." I've purchased from Hartville Tool before, just hadn't heard of Hartville Hardware. ...
Woodshop Woodworking Power Tools 21 2,159 01-26-2021, 02:35 PM
  0 Thread: "Woodworkers Journal "Irish parlor clock
Post: RE: "Woodworkers Journal "Irish parlor clock

I would try talking to the people at Timesavers I think they could set you up with a similar. send them the picture. here's a dial and bezel close to what you need
Woodshop Woodworking 11 2,071 01-13-2021, 09:51 AM
  0 Thread: Turning Custom Screwdrivers - Survey
Post: RE: Turning Custom Screwdrivers - Survey

I also use the Harbor Freight 6 in one. people said they would hold up, But they do. been using them for at least 10 years . and they were free :cool:
Woodshop Woodturning 61 31,430 01-12-2021, 09:50 PM
  0 Thread: Salvaging some PT lumber
Post: RE: Salvaging some PT lumber

(01-03-2021, 05:33 PM)Phil S. Wrote: :laugh: I haven't been able to guess what the purpose of this thing is.  Six planks nailed across four more.  The ends aren't even and the boards aren't square w...
Woodshop Woodworking 16 1,847 01-03-2021, 09:07 PM
  0 Thread: 1" dowel 26? 27? mm Forstner?
Post: RE: 1" dowel 26? 27? mm Forstner?

(11-25-2020, 05:55 PM)®smpr_fi_mac® Wrote: I have a 1" bit.  As mentioned above the fit is *just* a bit to snug. I'll order a 26 and 27mm bit and see which works best. There is one More option MLC...
Woodshop Woodworking 22 3,271 11-26-2020, 10:00 AM
  0 Thread:
Post: RE:

I ordered two 93.5 x 3/16- 10tpi from Hartville tool . great price, we will see if they are any good .
Woodshop Woodworking 17 3,808 11-25-2020, 09:47 PM
  0 Thread:
Post: RE:

(11-16-2020, 09:27 AM)Wipedout Wrote: Thanks ,  I don't see any 3/16" wide blade
Woodshop Woodworking 17 3,808 11-16-2020, 11:30 AM
  0 Thread:
Post: RE:

(11-16-2020, 07:26 AM)Rick_B Wrote: My wife and I took a ride last weekend up by Boone,  NC.  I wanted to check out woodcraft bands.  The sign was standing against the building but the building was ...
Woodshop Woodworking 17 3,808 11-16-2020, 09:09 AM
  Question Thread:

Is this place out of business ? I have bought many blades from him but the website is gone  :s
Woodshop Woodworking 17 3,808 11-15-2020, 10:02 AM
  0 Thread: Grrrippers losing their grrrip?
Post: RE: Grrrippers losing their grrrip?

(11-05-2020, 08:44 AM)fredhargis Wrote: I don't have a Gripper, but I do have 3 of the Grr-rip blocks I bought when Lowes clearanced them for $5. They have the same grip pad material and all of ...
Woodshop Woodworking Power Tools 16 2,449 11-05-2020, 03:31 PM
  0 Thread: Caster Source?
Post: RE: Caster Source?

amazon 4 pack locking casters I also found the best casters with locks on amazon
Woodshop Woodworking 21 2,629 09-07-2020, 09:21 PM
  0 Thread: Butternut
Post: RE: Butternut

(08-13-2020, 03:27 PM)Turner52 Wrote: I have a chance to pick up some 2x6 rough sawn butternut for a $1 a board foot. I do mostly segmented work using different species to create the  pattern. I...
Woodshop Woodturning 8 1,929 08-14-2020, 08:18 AM
  0 Thread: Double Router Top
Post: RE: Double Router Top

the power feed is a wonderful thing on the benchdogs.  :yes: I just put it all on a wood cabinet with locking casters. [attachment=28125]
Woodshop Woodworking Power Tools 14 3,668 07-06-2020, 08:18 AM
  0 Thread: Double Router Top
Post: RE: Double Router Top

I did two bench dogs . I also bought 6 plates 6 routers and 3 door profiles I can swap out and go. I also have a shaper for raised panels, it's a business [attachment=28010]
Woodshop Woodworking Power Tools 14 3,668 07-01-2020, 08:06 AM
  0 Thread: Making my first rosette
Post: RE: Making my first rosette

Very nice job :cool: , that maple head is begging for an inlay too :yes:
Woodshop Woodworking 3 1,497 05-26-2020, 08:34 AM
  0 Thread: A segmented pepper grinder
Post: RE: A segmented pepper grinder

(05-17-2020, 11:25 AM)SceneryMaker Wrote: My son specifically asked for a tall pepper grinder.He revised his request down from 36" tall to 16" tall. This ash piece was the result. 36" Social distanc...
Woodshop Woodturning 12 3,870 05-19-2020, 08:59 PM
  0 Thread: How to Question on Table Leg
Post: RE: How to Question on Table Leg

As has been said " Bandsaw"  On that leg you will need to save the scrap and stickey tape it back on to make the next cuts as you lay the sawed side down on the saw table. Unless you have a full leg t...
Woodshop Woodworking 7 1,610 03-21-2020, 09:41 AM

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