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  0 Thread: Convert Outside Shallow Round Box to Outlet
Post: RE: Convert Outside Shallow Round Box to Outlet

This is not the prettiest solution but seems to fit your needs combined with an extension mentioned earlier in this thread and an in-use cover:
WoodCzech Home Improvement 4 1,045 08-02-2023, 02:51 PM
  0 Thread: Safety glasses bifocals vs progressive lenses?
Post: RE: Safety glasses bifocals vs progressive lenses?

I wear progressive glasses normally, but for safety glasses I prefer bifocals.  Upper part is the same prescription as my computer glasses.  The lower part is just glass without prescription since I c...
WoodCzech Woodworking 20 2,585 04-25-2023, 12:27 PM
  0 Thread: Furnace buzzing
Post: Furnace buzzing

Last night whet it was quiet in the house I heard faint buzzing.  Electrical 60Hz like a transformer.  I tracked it to the heat register and subsequently all the way to the gas furnace.  The buzzing w...
WoodCzech Home Improvement 4 637 03-17-2023, 04:07 PM
  0 Thread: Woodmaster 718
Post: RE: Woodmaster 718

I have one.  I mostly used it to resurface reclaimed boards.  Coarse belts to take off the old finish and worked up to smooth.  Also used it to sand glued up panels.  It works fine for me, but it is t...
WoodCzech Woodworking Power Tools 1 602 11-17-2022, 11:55 AM
  0 Thread: lights installed in ceiling before or after drywall?
Post: RE: lights installed in ceiling before or after dr...

There are LED fixtures that mount to a regular electrical box. I have a bunch in a finished basement and they put out plenty of light for me. So you could just put in boxes with round mud ring and w...
WoodCzech Home Improvement 17 5,928 06-21-2022, 12:26 PM
  0 Thread: pocket door question.. again..
Post: RE: pocket door question.. again..

I too have used a 2x4 version of the Johnson track in a thicker wall.  My reason was that it allowed for placing light switches on that wall.  I simply installed the kit flush with one side of the wal...
WoodCzech Home Improvement 10 1,755 06-17-2022, 01:46 PM
  0 Thread: Dynatrap Mosquito Control?
Post: RE: Dynatrap Mosquito Control?

I have been using Dynatrap for 3 years now.  We have 10 acres and I can definitely tell that there are a lot more mosquitos outside the roughly 1/4 acre perimeter around the trap than inside it.  It w...
WoodCzech Home Improvement 10 1,574 06-15-2022, 11:09 AM
  0 Thread: Well Pressure Switch
Post: RE: Well Pressure Switch

Our switch failed to turn on a couple times about 3 years back.  I bought a replacement in case it happens again and placed it on a shelf within the line of view of original switch.  It hasn't acted u...
WoodCzech Home Improvement 11 1,358 06-07-2022, 01:51 PM
  Lightbulb Thread: pocket door install in new wall?
Post: RE: pocket door install in new wall?

This may seem like a dumb little detail, but it would bug me forever if I didn't do it:D I installed the Johnson kit twice.  There are two plastic guides that keep the bottom of the door from swing...
WoodCzech Home Improvement 11 2,108 05-03-2022, 04:15 PM
  0 Thread: Pricing of a handmade log doll house.
Post: RE: Pricing of a handmade log doll house.

Thank you all for your kind words and suggestions.  I have some doubts now about selling it.  Maybe I get rid of some other, more junky stuff to make room and keep a little longer.  I thought about gi...
WoodCzech Woodworking 10 2,635 12-13-2021, 11:43 AM
  0 Thread: Pricing of a handmade log doll house.
Post: Pricing of a handmade log doll house.

I had built a log doll house about 10 years ago.  No one plays with it any longer and I am thinking about trying to sell it.  But I am struggling with how much to ask for it (most likely on Facebook M...
WoodCzech Woodworking 10 2,635 12-11-2021, 03:54 PM
  0 Thread: how to make this box
Post: RE: how to make this box

Almost looks like it's made from smaller branches seeing the tight grain and a lot of small knots.  When I trim lower branches from jack pines on our property, they look a lot like it.  Of course mill...
WoodCzech Woodworking 5 2,110 05-24-2021, 11:47 AM
  0 Thread: Vinyl plank floor?
Post: RE: Vinyl plank floor?

joe1086 Wrote: (04-29-2021, 10:17 AM) -- +1 on a mud/mortar base under a shower floor. Will make it much more solid underfoot and most likely quieter. -- The first shower pan on our shower was "pro...
WoodCzech Home Improvement 24 6,209 04-29-2021, 11:48 AM
  0 Thread: Need lawn mover recommendations
Post: RE: Need lawn mover recommendations

Toro self propelled - just regular not the personal pace one. I have had it since 2007. So far I've had to replace the ignition coil about 6 years ago because it wouldn't start in humid weather, and...
WoodCzech Home Improvement 32 10,170 03-05-2021, 02:14 PM
  0 Thread: Traditional Japanese Timber Home Construction
Post: RE: Traditional Japanese Timber Home Construction

It's not a house, it's a piece of art.  Too bad all that beautiful carpentry work is covered up at the end.
WoodCzech Woodworking Hand Tools 7 2,385 03-01-2021, 12:14 PM
  0 Thread: Home Chimneys
Post: RE: Home Chimneys

I had a liner installed way back in an old brick chimney. The issue there was that the exhaust from more efficient furnaces and heaters is cooler and contains more vapor. The brick flue didn't get h...
WoodCzech Home Improvement 5 1,160 01-28-2021, 01:51 PM
  0 Thread: Will anything stop a VERY slow water leak under pressure?
Post: RE: Will anything stop a VERY slow water leak unde...

Stwood_ Wrote: (11-08-2020, 06:26 PM) -- Sometimes the minerals in your water will plug small leaks, given enough time. -- I tested that theory once.  Gave it so much time that the tank rusted th...
WoodCzech Home Improvement 14 5,976 11-11-2020, 03:34 PM
  0 Thread: hardwood floor install - tips for last stubborn rows
Post: RE: hardwood floor install - tips for last stubbor...

There is a tool called pull bar. About 12" long with each end bent at 90deg in opposite direction. You hook one end on the floor board and hit the other with a mallet. Works all the way to the wall....
WoodCzech Home Improvement 6 1,907 10-19-2020, 09:20 PM
  0 Thread: cutting and backing a beveled mirror
Post: RE: cutting and backing a beveled mirror

No help with cutting but when framing a mirror, paint the cut edges black. Even a black permanent marker works. The cut edge tends to be visible as it reflects in the mirror. Painting it black elim...
WoodCzech Home Improvement 11 3,876 09-30-2020, 10:54 PM
  0 Thread: kitchen hoods
Post: RE: kitchen hoods

rwe2156 Wrote: (09-24-2020, 10:01 AM) -- This is a probably a better route, at least until a repair becomes necessary. On the model we have the fan is in the unit, but its a rabbit cage, and you g...
WoodCzech Home Improvement 10 2,950 09-29-2020, 10:19 AM

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