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  0 Thread: Wodturners near Wylie, TX?
Post: RE: Wodturners near Wylie, TX?

(04-17-2018, 06:30 AM)Grey Mountain Wrote: Anybody near Wylie?  My nephew is getting into turning.  He has a Jet Mini, and I am giving him a Rockwell 46-200 (old but rugged).   He is also the Wylie ...
TxTawd Woodturning 9 4,466 05-04-2018, 05:12 PM
  0 Thread: Placing a Lathe
Post: RE: Placing a Lathe

My 3520B is against a wall but slightly angled. I built a cantilevered platform shelf between the lathe and the wall. This is handy for material and tool storage while working. Of course it collects w...
TxTawd Woodturning 13 6,783 10-28-2016, 09:23 AM
  0 Thread: Loft Bed Ideas & Help
Post: RE: Loft Bed Ideas & Help

I made this for our daughter. The ends are one piece units and the three rails attach with bed rail fasteners like these from Rockler. All mortis...
TxTawd Woodworking 9 4,302 08-31-2016, 08:24 AM
  0 Thread: New Bowl, and Technical Questions
Post: RE: New Bowl, and Technical Questions

I have used a scraper to do this kind of technique but I put the scraper on a shear angle. Try it next time to see if you get a better cut and less tear out.
TxTawd Woodturning 6 3,399 08-15-2016, 10:19 AM
  0 Thread: some pics of my walnut bookcase
Post: RE: some pics of my walnut bookcase

Well done - it looks great.  :)
TxTawd Woodworking 12 6,006 08-09-2016, 10:06 AM
  0 Thread: Small parts storage
Post: RE: Small parts storage

I picked up some similar clear plastic containers from Lee Valley at Christmas. They were a short term sale item as I don't think Lee Valley carries them regularly. They work great for fastener storag...
TxTawd Woodworking 1 1,594 08-09-2016, 10:04 AM
  0 Thread: New shop space ideas welcomed-
Post: RE: New shop space ideas welcomed-

Being a garage, you should insulate the walls, the ceiling and the door. I say this because I live in north Texas and the 100 degree days wouldn't allow me much time in the shop without swimming in sw...
TxTawd Woodworking 45 34,146 08-09-2016, 10:00 AM
  0 Thread: Emperor in Amboyna Burl
Post: RE: Emperor in Amboyna Burl

Nice looking pen - great work, I'm sure it will be appreciated.
TxTawd Woodturning 7 3,525 08-01-2016, 09:59 AM
  0 Thread: older rigid 18v nicad tools
Post: RE: older rigid 18v nicad tools

Switch to the LiIon batteries and charger. I did and I noticed much longer run time and quicker charge. I have several of the old blue Ryobi tools running on the LiIon, In fact my little 5" circular s...
TxTawd Woodworking Power Tools 13 10,120 07-30-2016, 07:44 AM
  0 Thread: small maple hollow form
Post: RE: small maple hollow form

Steve, Very nice. Great form and great wood choices for the segments. Please tell us how you did it.
TxTawd Woodturning 5 3,135 07-30-2016, 07:35 AM
  0 Thread: In my situation what Bandsaw would you buy?
Post: Re: In my situation what Bandsaw would you buy?

John,I bought a MM16 about 10 years ago as my last BS and so far couldn't be more pleased. No issues with it at all but I am only a hobby user. The other day I cut block of green wood about 12" tall i...
TxTawd Woodworking Power Tools 13 11,783 07-15-2016, 10:15 AM
  0 Thread: PSA...Are you ready
Post: Re: PSA...Are you ready

I hope your recovery goes well.Thanks for the reminder about the shop inventory. I have not written anything down yet but I need to.
TxTawd Woodturning 8 3,586 06-27-2016, 08:33 AM
  0 Thread: Carved, pierced and painted
Post: Re: Carved, pierced and painted

Guys thanks for the responses and I must apologize as I should have posted a different photo that shows the piece fully completed. The one above shows an unfinished interior and no lacquer topcoat.Her...
TxTawd Woodturning 4 2,865 06-22-2016, 05:35 PM
  0 Thread: Not my business, not my shop
Post: Re: Not my business, not my shop

Production turning not really my thing either but repetitive tasks built great skills - these guys look skilled!
TxTawd Woodturning 6 4,637 06-22-2016, 10:23 AM
  0 Thread: Carved, pierced and painted
Post: Carved, pierced and painted

Here is a hollow form that I turned out of bradford pear to 3/32" thick. It is 11" tall and 5.5" in diameter. I turned it green to final thickness then let it dry - no cracking. Then I did this to it...
TxTawd Woodturning 4 2,865 06-22-2016, 10:21 AM
  0 Thread: Hey Fellas
Post: Re: Hey Fellas

I typically hold my bowl blank between centers which forces me to use a dovetail tenon most often (I use a shallow pointed fingernail ground bowl gouge specifically for this purpose) . Holding between...
TxTawd Woodturning 6 3,732 06-03-2016, 09:28 AM
  0 Thread: Beads of Courage boxes
Post: Re: Beads of Courage boxes

I belong to the Dallas Area Woodturners (DAW) club and we have been building and donating Beads of Courage boxes for about 5 years now. We have a couple of clubs members who recently started making ki...
TxTawd Woodturning 3 4,337 04-17-2016, 08:30 AM
  0 Thread: HELP with Picasa photos
Post: Re: HELP with Picasa photos

I had similar problems ... Picasa is going away and being replaced by Google photos.I posted this ... go to the last post.
TxTawd Woodworking 3 2,791 04-12-2016, 09:17 AM
  0 Thread: What kind of Dust Collection do you use
Post: Re: What kind of Dust Collection do you use

I have a 10 year old 2hp Penn State dust collector. The inlet is 6" but I have a 2x4" splitter. I have 10 feet of 4" hose dedicated run for the lathe (for sanding dust; I sweep all the shavings). At t...
TxTawd Woodturning 7 5,645 04-05-2016, 09:29 AM
  0 Thread: House warming gift
Post: Re: House warming gift

Nicely done.I love the blackwood rim
TxTawd Woodturning 9 3,136 04-03-2016, 10:34 AM

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