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  0 Thread: Router died suddenly
Post: RE: Router died suddenly

Happened on my 690. Turned out the plug that holds the brush in had some loose. Luckily I found it 20' across the room.
rwe2156 Woodworking Power Tools 12 800 11-17-2022, 12:05 PM
  0 Thread: Need to make a basic router table for a PC 690
Post: RE: Need to make a basic router table for a PC 690

What are you going to make the top of? Melamine is good, HPL over MDF or ply a better option. I've made several and I think 2 layers is best, and laminate both sides. Size is the next issue. Min...
rwe2156 Woodworking Power Tools 11 571 11-15-2022, 10:01 AM
  0 Thread: Powder Post Beetles
Post: RE: Powder Post Beetles

Tankwood Wrote: (11-11-2022, 04:00 PM) -- Worked like a charm been 20years since and still trouble free. After I found out what Timbor was I tried to buy it myself, and of course one chemical  dis...
rwe2156 Woodworking 10 726 11-15-2022, 09:32 AM
  0 Thread: Should I Joint or just Plane?
Post: RE: Should I Joint or just Plane?

Mike 55 Wrote: (11-04-2022, 07:02 PM) -- I do not have a large plane that would be useful. At 67 and my body full of athristis using a plane would probably put me over the edge. :laugh::laugh::laugh:...
rwe2156 Woodworking 17 898 11-09-2022, 10:26 AM
  0 Thread: Powder Post Beetles
Post: RE: Powder Post Beetles

Little sawdust piles are signs of active infestation. If you see adult beetles, then its definitely active. If all you're seeing is holes, they may have already emerged. Depends on how old the wood...
rwe2156 Woodworking 10 726 11-09-2022, 10:15 AM
  0 Thread: Tusked Trestle Table Design?
Post: RE: Tusked Trestle Table Design?

+1 on an upper support between the legs. Can be wedge tenoned just like the bottom. If not, they table is probably going to bow. I would use wood and attach top with buttons. +1 on the breadboards....
rwe2156 Woodworking 12 811 11-02-2022, 09:27 AM
  0 Thread: Range Hood w/ in-line exhaust fan?
Post: RE: Range Hood w/ in-line exhaust fan?

I can recommend The Range Hood Store. I believe they are ZLine, which is an Italian company. We bought a 900CFM unit with 4 speeds. I will say you can never have enough exhaust. We've been very ...
rwe2156 Home Improvement 10 419 10-24-2022, 09:34 AM
  0 Thread: Best home shop dust collector with outside venting
Post: RE: Best home shop dust collector with outside ven...

I'd be looking hard at Clear Vue CV 1800 You can buy them without filters. Designed by Pentz isn't a bad thing, either. Be aware 5HP requires a 30A dedicated circuit, and remote on/off is not includ...
rwe2156 Woodworking 13 757 10-24-2022, 09:20 AM
  0 Thread: My first end table
Post: RE: My first end table

Plus, I think some of us are "river tabled" and "live edged" out...................hopefully the fad will go away soon.
rwe2156 Woodworking 8 973 10-24-2022, 09:13 AM
  0 Thread: Foureyes (YouTube channel) Longview Table
Post: RE: Foureyes (YouTube channel) Longview Table

®smpr_fi_mac® Wrote: (10-17-2022, 09:23 AM) -- Thanks! My engraver is an xTool D1 10W.  Easy to use but not very fast! -- I just received an Ortur LM 3 (10W). It was between that and the one yo...
rwe2156 Woodworking 11 1,007 10-24-2022, 08:58 AM
  0 Thread: Foureyes (YouTube channel) Longview Table
Post: RE: Foureyes (YouTube channel) Longview Table

Very nice. I like the simplicity of the design - it accentuates the top. What laser do you have a s would you care to comment. I am in the market for one.
rwe2156 Woodworking 11 1,007 10-15-2022, 05:23 AM
  0 Thread: Hardwood floor, sand more or quit?
Post: RE: Hardwood floor, sand more or quit?

We put waterproof vinyl planking throughout the house and kitchen. BIG, BIG mistake. The flooring company neglected to tell us the floor needs periodic (monthly) refinishing to keep it looking dec...
rwe2156 Home Improvement 14 778 10-05-2022, 01:04 PM
  0 Thread: Help with shellac on cherry?
Post: RE: Help with shellac on cherry?

I use a brush a lot. If you're careful on the edges you can avoid it, but padding helps you from applying the shellac too thick, too.
rwe2156 Finishing 6 352 10-04-2022, 09:34 AM
  0 Thread: Veritas side rabbet plane experience?
Post: RE: Veritas side rabbet plane experience?

TroutStalker Wrote: (09-30-2022, 12:58 PM) -- I have one and I’m very happy with it. I don’t use it often but it’s invaluable when I screw up and make a dado that’s too narrow. I highly recommend it....
rwe2156 Woodworking Hand Tools 7 535 10-04-2022, 09:23 AM
  0 Thread: PC/DeWalt
Post: RE: PC/DeWalt

EdL Wrote: (09-26-2022, 08:53 PM) -- Stanley-Bleak & Darker ruined Porter Cable, what were pro grade tools are now homeowner grade. Ed -- AMEN!!
rwe2156 Woodworking Power Tools 16 1,279 10-04-2022, 08:38 AM
  0 Thread: SawStop: Eating Crow
Post: RE: SawStop: Eating Crow

Tapper Wrote: (09-25-2022, 09:40 AM) -- Have it your way. If I knew what I know now about Sawstop technology and was in the market for a cabinet model tablesaw, one I planned to keep for a while and ...
rwe2156 Woodworking Power Tools 52 3,525 09-26-2022, 08:59 AM
  0 Thread: Chip carving
Post: RE: Chip carving

Anyone who's done it, turning the work is SOP in chip carving. What is interesting is her technique. The use of a stab knife and pushing rather than pulling. Neat. Looks like she's custom ground t...
rwe2156 Woodworking Hand Tools 9 683 09-21-2022, 10:03 AM
  0 Thread: Ripping a Stopped bevel?
Post: RE: Ripping a Stopped bevel?

Rob Young Wrote: (09-19-2022, 04:44 PM) -- What about just going ahead and making the bevel all the way along and then gluing back on a piece to restore the "squareness" of the end(s)? -- My thoughts...
rwe2156 Woodworking 16 830 09-21-2022, 09:41 AM
  0 Thread: Did something I've never done with my planer
Post: RE: Did something I've never done with my planer

QSWO is bad about grain switching every which way. You didn't discover something, you got lucky. Helical head or better, a drum sander.
rwe2156 Woodworking 4 967 09-07-2022, 12:08 PM
  0 Thread: Prefinished plywood
Post: RE: Prefinished plywood

Why are you cutting dados? Just screw the boxes together...
rwe2156 Woodworking 18 1,083 09-07-2022, 12:05 PM

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