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  0 Thread: Jar opening fixture
Post: RE: Jar opening fixture

That is very clever.  Thank you.
Bill Holt Woodworking Hand Tools 9 159 Yesterday, 06:55 AM
  0 Thread: Homemade scraper
Post: RE: Homemade scraper

Great post! I enjoy the rewards of a scraper; have not tried the negative rake.  Your thoughts on the two different angles make since.  So I am wondering: 1. What advantage does the 70/20 offer? 2....
Bill Holt Woodturning 2 133 07-19-2024, 07:24 AM
  0 Thread: Small Shop
Post: RE: Small Shop

Jim, I too enjoy designing and building furniture, but those opportunities don't come along very often.  At 79, I spend 5 to 6 hours a day, six days a week in the shop, building, on the lathe, or "tin...
Bill Holt Woodworking 13 917 07-08-2024, 08:38 AM
  0 Thread: Where did YOU learn....
Post: RE: Where did YOU learn....

Learned welding as a freshman in HS.  Loved it!!!  Never had the chance to advance. Took a shop class as a sophomore and built a mahogany nightstand.  Seventeen years later, 1978, we had a new hous...
Bill Holt Woodworking Hand Tools 22 745 07-08-2024, 08:20 AM
  0 Thread: Prepping for a new start
Post: RE: Prepping for a new start

Derek Cohen Wrote: (07-01-2024, 10:04 AM) -- My question for all is "what do you do between builds, or in preparation for a new build?". Regards from Perth Derek -- After a "big" build, I wil...
Bill Holt Woodworking Hand Tools 4 393 07-02-2024, 07:00 AM
  0 Thread: Construction Question
Post: RE: Construction Question

ajkoontz Wrote: (06-27-2024, 08:04 AM) -- Breadboard ends for sure, but only for aesthetic reasons. I like the look,  -- Ditto
Bill Holt Woodworking 5 686 06-28-2024, 06:24 AM
  0 Thread: DC 09 Chairs - completion
Post: RE: DC 09 Chairs - completion

Derek, as always, your work is amazing.  Your build photos and explanation do an excellent job of detailing the complexity copying a design.  You are not only a talented skilled artist, but also very ...
Bill Holt Woodworking Hand Tools 6 455 06-23-2024, 06:46 AM
  0 Thread: Jet DC Remote
Post: RE: Jet DC Remote

Thank you, Fred. Guess that's what I expected.
Bill Holt Woodworking Power Tools 2 514 06-08-2024, 07:41 AM
  0 Thread: Jet DC Remote
Post: Jet DC Remote

My Jet DC is likely 15 yrs old.  The remote will not turn the DC off.  I tried to open the remote to check/clean the contacts, but stopped just short of breaking the back.  Anyone got a suggestion?
Bill Holt Woodworking Power Tools 2 514 06-06-2024, 08:18 AM

Bruce, I don't understand.  I wear the same face shield you are wearing in the video, but my pieces never turn out like yours. As always, you have created another masterpiece.  Thank you for sharin...
Bill Holt Woodturning 2 419 06-05-2024, 07:55 PM
  0 Thread: Used every clamp
Post: RE: Used every clamp

Truly a beautiful table.
Bill Holt Woodworking 22 3,559 06-01-2024, 07:24 AM
  0 Thread: Anti-Vibration Gloves
Post: RE: Anti-Vibration Gloves

I'm 79.  Growing up, we leased land and raised cattle.  I remember asking my dad for leather gloves; his response "Gloves ware out, skin grows back."  In the winter he did furnish gloves. Turning b...
Bill Holt Woodworking Power Tools 7 1,034 05-23-2024, 07:53 AM
  0 Thread: Bench Project
Post: RE: Bench Project

Great looking bench. Hope it doesn't blow away.
Bill Holt Woodworking Hand Tools 17 1,714 04-30-2024, 07:45 AM
  0 Thread: New Shop Photos - Randy C
Post: RE: New Shop Photos - Randy C

fredhargis Wrote: (04-29-2024, 04:31 AM) -- What an awesome shop, really nice! -- Ditto!!!!!!!!!!
Bill Holt Woodworking 22 3,313 04-29-2024, 07:43 AM
  0 Thread: Hinge Question
Post: RE: Hinge Question

I like the looks of the captain's table hinge, also called, butler's table hinge.  Brusso has top line brass hinges, of course you pay extra for the name.
Bill Holt Woodworking 3 754 04-24-2024, 09:28 AM
  0 Thread: A case to store a few chisels in?
Post: RE: A case to store a few chisels in?

Bandit, you are just about "the only show in town".  Thank you for taking us along.  I look forward to every project you share.
Bill Holt Woodworking Hand Tools 29 2,877 04-24-2024, 08:13 AM
  0 Thread: Workbench
Post: RE: Workbench

Built my bench almost 20 years ago.  I was new to would be my "practice build".  I had a source for free reclaimed SYP.  I did not like the looks, I thought it would be too soft, etc....
Bill Holt Woodworking 34 3,760 04-23-2024, 07:54 AM
  0 Thread: Big table top!
Post: RE: Big table top!

No expert here...but I built a 60" round walnut table for our daughter about 15 years ago.  I believe it was John Fry who gave me the courage to move forward.  The brain trust here, offered the opinio...
Bill Holt Woodworking 7 1,239 04-15-2024, 07:16 AM
  0 Thread: Mechanical clocks
Post: RE: Mechanical clocks

Yes, that is a great looking clock.
Bill Holt Woodworking 8 1,239 04-11-2024, 07:52 AM
  0 Thread: Simple Machine Improvements
Post: RE: Simple Machine Improvements

Sure makes me wish my friend, JS, had a CNC (no room left in my shop).  Smart "thinkin" John.
Bill Holt Woodworking Power Tools 8 1,418 04-11-2024, 07:41 AM

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