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  0 Thread: building permit for ethernet cabling
Post: RE: building permit for ethernet cabling

Pretty upsetting to see the inspector show up and approve a job without even looking at it.
daddo Home Improvement 19 3,642 07-30-2021, 04:26 PM
  0 Thread: Snake a toilet
Post: RE: Snake a toilet

When I pulled our old toilet to replace it, I had to use a chisel to clear the pipe in the floor at the toilet because calcium had built up and the hole was only about 2" wide. The bottom of the toile...
daddo Home Improvement 22 2,940 07-30-2021, 04:21 PM
  0 Thread: Resurfacing a fridge
Post: RE: Resurfacing a fridge

The way I like to do it.  Remove doors. Wash doors with liquid soap. Sand doors thoroughly, then sand with fine grit. Wash doors again with liquid soap. Apply primer coat. Lightly sand or appl...
daddo Home Improvement 15 2,572 07-02-2021, 03:48 PM
  0 Thread: Anybody ever refinished a tub?
Post: RE: Anybody ever refinished a tub?

Did a clawfoot many years ago using an epoxy spray kit suggested by a pro- a bit expensive. The sanding, washing, sanding, acid, washing, primer, mixing and spraying......  Turned out very good an...
daddo Home Improvement 14 4,040 07-02-2021, 03:39 PM
  0 Thread: Mini split condenser blew up
Post: RE: Mini split condenser blew up

blackhat Wrote: (05-19-2021, 06:11 PM) -- Kind of looks like the terminal cover for the compressor. Possible the terminal plug blew. Is there oil everywhere?  The noise would have been the refrigeran...
daddo Home Improvement 8 1,908 05-20-2021, 01:50 PM
  0 Thread: John Deere LT160 loses power going up hill
Post: RE: John Deere LT160 loses power going up hill

I didn't watch the video, but... You didn't mention is the engine is losing power and bogging down or the engine maintains it's rpm's but it feels like something is slipping or not engaging. If ...
daddo Home Improvement 8 2,447 05-08-2021, 01:06 PM
  0 Thread: PVC pipe crack
Post: RE: PVC pipe crack

And it's not a good idea to use the words; Pipe and Crack in the same sentence.   :laugh: :laugh: Did you get it fixed?
daddo Home Improvement 10 1,943 05-06-2021, 07:03 PM
  0 Thread: Blowing in insulation
Post: RE: Blowing in insulation

You'll need help. A person feeding the machine (The hard job) and a person in the attic hosing it down. A voice activated two way radio was a must for me. I blew in the cellulose which is my favori...
daddo Home Improvement 7 1,253 05-06-2021, 06:56 PM
  0 Thread: Replacing A Toilet
Post: RE: Replacing A Toilet

Phil Thien Wrote: (05-01-2021, 04:51 PM) -- "how much extra water do they allow you to use?" Well Kohler used to have a model (don't know if they still do) where you could hold the handle down and...
daddo Home Improvement 20 3,020 05-03-2021, 11:23 AM
  0 Thread: Vinyl plank floor?
Post: RE: Vinyl plank floor?

Vinyl plank. Under the toilet- yes. If you ever replace the toilet, you'll be replacing the floor as well if you don't, and it will never look right. Under the shower- no.
daddo Home Improvement 24 4,006 05-01-2021, 04:06 PM
  0 Thread: Tankless water heater?
Post: RE: Tankless water heater?

If I had a water softener I might consider it. Otherwise there is no real savings and we don't spend hours in the shower where we ever run out of hot water and we just have a 40 gallon. If I had 5 ...
daddo Home Improvement 19 2,832 05-01-2021, 04:02 PM
  0 Thread: Replacing A Toilet
Post: RE: Replacing A Toilet

I have 2 cadet 3's and a new Kohler. The cadet3 performs perfectly, but I like the Kohler better for the longer bowl- much more comfy and it has a two type flush for #1 or #2 which saves a lot of wa...
daddo Home Improvement 20 3,020 05-01-2021, 03:57 PM
  0 Thread: The new world order
Post: RE: The new world order

Some companies go into business for the wrong reasons.
daddo Home Improvement 6 1,505 05-01-2021, 03:45 PM
  0 Thread: PVC pipe crack
Post: RE: PVC pipe crack

No easy way to do it right. Take it all apart. It's just pvc. Cheap and easy. I would probably go back with pex as long as it doesn't get sunlight or you should use cpvc instead of pvc. Migh...
daddo Home Improvement 10 1,943 05-01-2021, 03:32 PM
  0 Thread: Kitchen counter laminate question
Post: RE: Kitchen counter laminate question

I have formica (Laminate, as it is called today. Formica was a brand name.) You'll find cheap laminate and better laminate (thicker)- do not get the cheap thin junk. It breaks to easily. I washed the...
daddo Home Improvement 9 2,038 04-22-2021, 01:51 PM
  0 Thread: Gas Range Not Coming Up To Temp
Post: RE: Gas Range Not Coming Up To Temp

David Stone Wrote: (04-21-2021, 04:50 PM) -- Thanks everyone.  Yes, bad ignitor is what I had on my last oven.  I'll give that a shot. --   You'll be guessing. :laugh:  There's a reason you pai...
daddo Home Improvement 14 2,446 04-22-2021, 01:27 PM
  0 Thread: picking carpet color for domestic tranquilty
Post: RE: picking carpet color for domestic tranquilty

If you're a psycho, orange or purple carpet will relax you. If you're a golfer or outdoors type, green will sooth you. If you have kids or animals, you'll be relaxed if you have brown or black c...
daddo Home Improvement 10 2,505 04-22-2021, 11:21 AM
  0 Thread: Cleaning Cabinets
Post: RE: Cleaning Cabinets

I use Mr Clean. And a sponge followed by a small cotton towel to wipe dry.
daddo Home Improvement 15 2,973 04-22-2021, 11:11 AM
  0 Thread: Bearing Experts: Need Advice: SUCCESS!
Post: RE: Bearing Experts: Need Advice

Done a lot of restoring on old machines. One thing I learned. If the bearing is smooth and can be lightly re-packed or cleaned and repacked- keep it the way it is. I have run into bearings that...
daddo Woodworking Power Tools 21 4,764 04-08-2021, 10:55 PM
  0 Thread: Pressure washer issue
Post: RE: Pressure washer issue

If the bypass valve quits working, it can overload the engine and bog it down. I would check into the bypass valve assembly. Squeeze the trigger on the hose while trying to start the machine to...
daddo Home Improvement 16 5,070 03-18-2021, 12:36 PM

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