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  0 Thread: Straightening a Saw Plate
Post: RE: Straightening a Saw Plate

The 28" Disston number 7 which I use at work (traditional carpentry part time) had a severe kink in the blade when I bought it for 50 cents. I hammered the blade straight and retensioned it following ...
TGW Woodworking Hand Tools 18 858 04-19-2022, 02:23 PM
  0 Thread: Do I need a 16" planer?
Post: RE: Do I need a 16" planer?

In my world the tablesaw and jointer and planer are the basic machines. They increase productivity and improve accuracy more per euro or dollar spent and per square metre of workshop space used than a...
TGW Woodworking Power Tools 25 1,363 03-25-2022, 04:45 PM
  0 Thread: Psychological help needed
Post: RE: Psychological help needed

Very good to hear! Here in Finland we had a whole generation of men with what people nowadays call PTSD. Then it was just called "been to war". Everybody knew what it was so it needed no further ex...
TGW Woodworking 37 6,654 02-08-2022, 04:01 PM
  0 Thread: C clamp swivel head
Post: RE: C clamp swivel head

A neighbour turns them for me on his metal lathe. A top hat shaped part with a hole that fits the ball on the end of the screw. I cut 3 cuts straight across with a hacksaw resulting in 6 kerfs and cra...
TGW Woodworking Hand Tools 8 709 02-08-2022, 03:02 PM
  0 Thread: The Mother of All Bar Clamps
Post: RE: The Mother of All Bar Clamps

Philip1231 Wrote: (01-16-2022, 08:30 PM) -- That was precisely my plan, to use these for work holding. That is why I chose the 12" deep model: it reaches to the center of the bench. I will be sure to...
TGW Woodworking Hand Tools 8 1,479 01-18-2022, 02:41 PM
  0 Thread: Question Move shop tools or sell and re buy
Post: RE: Question Move shop tools or sell and re buy

I have had quite a few secondhand machines shipped to me from over 500 kilometres away. Spent a lot of time and petrol on day trips to look at secondhand machines and sometimes another trip with a bor...
TGW Woodworking 25 1,540 01-11-2022, 03:41 PM
  0 Thread: Bessey Revo Clamp Handles
Post: RE: Bessey Revo Clamp Handles

I have a few dozen besey forged F cramps of the larger sort which were tightened using some sort of machine in their former life at Nautor. All the screws and the inside threads in theheads wore out q...
TGW Woodworking 29 2,270 01-09-2022, 02:47 AM
  0 Thread: Bandsaw Rebuild or Trash
Post: RE: Bandsaw Rebuild or Trash

If the frame is reasonably sound pretty much all other parts on a bandsaw can be made. My bandsaw which was the first and only bandsaw I have ever owned had quite a bit ofdamage on it after a full ...
TGW Woodworking 23 3,178 01-04-2022, 04:23 PM
  0 Thread: My Wishlist for Battery Powered Tools
Post: RE: My Wishlist for Battery Powered Tools

On my wishlist for battery powered tools is an electric cord that fits a standard outlet. I am sick and tired of battery tools not doing their job in cold weather. Already at -10 celsius the batteries...
TGW Woodworking Power Tools 12 1,042 01-04-2022, 04:14 PM
  0 Thread: Which hand planes to keep?
Post: RE: Which hand planes to keep?

The concept of purity is a direct enemy of productivity and quality and versatility.  I use machines when I can but keep an extensive set of hand tools for all those jobs that no machine can do effici...
TGW Woodworking Hand Tools 20 1,910 01-04-2022, 03:56 PM
  0 Thread: Small hand plane
Post: RE: Small hand plane

stav Wrote: (11-30-2021, 09:46 AM) -- Good luck with your sale.  I suspect it is in that pre-close state where everyone is setting up their snipes so they can get it.   I have a #2 in the same boa...
TGW Woodworking Hand Tools 23 3,032 12-18-2021, 04:04 PM
  0 Thread: Is there really a surplus of gbbed cutterheads? I have problems finding one.
Post: RE: Is there really a surplus of gbbed cutterheads...

Brian in sunny FL Wrote: (01-19-2021, 02:20 PM) -- What make and model machine?  I may be able to help out. -- The manufacturer was Franz Dornburg AG in Coburg in Germany. Probably made before the ...
TGW Woodworking Power Tools 8 1,337 01-19-2021, 02:54 PM
  0 Thread: Is there really a surplus of gbbed cutterheads? I have problems finding one.
Post: Is there really a surplus of gbbed cutterheads? I ...

It seems like I may get the opportunity to purchase a 24" thicknesser very cheap. This because the cutterhead is both damaged and of theclamshell type which is no longer legal for professional use. H...
TGW Woodworking Power Tools 8 1,337 01-18-2021, 12:10 PM
  0 Thread: Whch Upgrade Makes Sense?
Post: RE: Whch Upgrade Makes Sense?

Normally I am firmly in the "rather rebuild than replace" camp but in this very instance I think you would be better off with a stationary planer provided that you have room for it. Portable units ...
TGW Woodworking Power Tools 29 10,144 01-31-2020, 12:39 AM
  0 Thread: Did I really need all those tools, or
Post: RE: Did I really need all those tools, or

I have notised that any human has an inherent need to cretate something or to shape the environment around you all while making some sort of progress. Some has is to a lesser extent and some to a grea...
TGW Woodworking 26 7,468 11-29-2019, 02:13 AM
  0 Thread: Antique wooden planes questions
Post: RE: Antique wooden planes questions

I'd say there is a very strong likelyhood that the planes are worth restoring for your own use provided that you identify them as "unfit for museum". I prefere to identify my tools before restoring th...
TGW Woodworking Hand Tools 22 6,426 11-14-2019, 12:13 PM
  0 Thread: Delta Replacement Parts Rant
Post: RE: Delta Replacement Parts Rant

What one man can make another man can remake or repair. This holds true for almost everything that is made from either metal or wood. Plastic and rubber parts are very problematic though. Anyway ...
TGW Woodworking Power Tools 50 18,426 10-29-2019, 11:28 AM
  0 Thread: Woodworking gadgets that waste your money
Post: RE: Woodworking gadgets that waste your money

As I am always on a tight budget so I haven's succumbed to the prevalent gadgetry in woodwork. However I have made quite a few misstakes. A few examples: 1. Chineese bench grinder. Lasted 15 miinute...
TGW Woodworking 40 15,595 10-18-2019, 10:37 AM
  0 Thread: Sometimes luck happens
Post: RE: Sometimes luck happens

The modern urbanized or suburbanized lifestyle all over the western world and particularly in America is heavily based on consumerism where everything is supposed to be new and shiny and costly and d...
TGW Woodworking Power Tools 11 4,682 10-18-2019, 09:58 AM
  0 Thread: Bad tool reviews
Post: RE: Bad tool reviews

Tony Z Wrote: (08-12-2019, 12:30 PM) -- I would agree-if we don't not hear anything about a product that has been on the market for "X" years, human nature leads us to believe said product is decent!...
TGW Woodworking Power Tools 29 11,936 08-12-2019, 02:58 PM

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