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  0 Thread: Dividers
Post: RE: Dividers

I think the Crucible tools are intended not only as boutique tools, but to offer some function difficult to find elsewhere. The Crucible dividers can be set to provide just the right amount of fricti...
Alan S Woodworking Hand Tools 26 1,640 04-08-2021, 02:37 PM
  0 Thread: Bearing Experts: Need Advice: SUCCESS!
Post: RE: Bearing Experts: Need Advice is a good source of quality bearings, even quite unusual ones to fit older machines.  Many people at (Old Wood Working Machines) have refurbished machines using bearings f...
Alan S Woodworking Power Tools 18 1,002 04-08-2021, 10:41 AM
  0 Thread: Resawing without a bandsaw?
Post: RE: Resawing without a bandsaw?

It looks very nice!
Alan S Woodworking 18 1,090 03-29-2021, 08:17 AM
  0 Thread: The consequences of not sanding between coats of poly
Post: RE: The consequences of not sanding between coats ...

My guess is that the "oil based" shellac is simply shellac with the natural wax, which works fine under most oil-based finishes but not under water-based ones.
Alan S Finishing 34 1,223 03-22-2021, 04:38 PM
  0 Thread: aligning two drill points
Post: RE: aligning two drill points

From what the OP said, I think he's asking about the jigs used to make sure a hole intersects with another deep hole crosswise, as for locating a nut for a bed bolt. While I don't have a name, here's...
Alan S Woodworking 10 867 03-22-2021, 09:28 AM
  0 Thread: band saw illumination
Post: RE: band saw illumination

I use Ikea Jansjo lights on my bandsaw and drillpress. These clamp on easily and solidly, can be positioned to point wherever I want, and are cheap. I don't want batteries on machines that are plugg...
Alan S Woodworking 35 2,280 03-22-2021, 09:18 AM
  0 Thread: Home made carcass saw question
Post: RE: Home made carcass saw question

I made one that is just held in place by the brass spine pinching the back. It hasn't moved over the years since I made it, and if it were to get hit, I like that it has somewhere for the energy to g...
Alan S Woodworking Hand Tools 16 1,324 03-16-2021, 10:50 AM
  0 Thread: flattening chisels backs
Post: RE: flattening chisels backs

That looks great. And it shows why chisels that are not expensive do not come nearly as flat.
Alan S Woodworking Hand Tools 7 785 03-15-2021, 12:30 PM
  0 Thread: Air quality monitor that won't break the bank
Post: RE: Air quality monitor that won't break the bank

The cheap ones do seem to work. The suspicious thing is that the vendors don't stick around on Amazon. They frequently disappear, and a new vendor pops up selling apparently the same thing. This so...
Alan S Woodworking 4 325 03-14-2021, 11:29 AM
  0 Thread: A drum sander with a twist
Post: RE: A drum sander with a twist

(03-13-2021, 03:38 PM)jteneyck Wrote: Aren't those available commercially?  Pretty sure I've seen them somewhere.   John Lee Valley carries them as template sanders. But making your own is cool.
Alan S Woodworking 6 738 03-13-2021, 10:22 PM
  0 Thread: Grinder?
Post: RE: Grinder?

I have an inexpensive Rikon that works well, but it's 8". I also use a 6" hand-cranked grinder, and while it's not configured that way now, a foot pedal can be used to drive it. All you need it a wo...
Alan S Woodworking Hand Tools 5 907 02-20-2021, 09:50 AM
  0 Thread: Tool Chest
Post: RE: Tool Chest

It's beautiful and well thought out.  I like the light and strong spruce for most of the case, with more durable beech for the skirts.  The way you get extra access to the drilling tools is also very ...
Alan S Woodworking Hand Tools 18 1,458 02-20-2021, 09:43 AM
  0 Thread: Higher TS Fence
Post: RE: Higher TS Fence

It's trickier with a 1 7/8" wide bevel because it would require several setups, but there is a method that allows cutting it flat on the tablesaw. That is to use a dado set, as wide as possible. Til...
Alan S Woodworking 15 1,107 02-13-2021, 09:56 AM
  0 Thread: Stumpy Nubs - Table Saw Bevel Kickback Goes Thru Wall
Post: RE: Stumpy Nubs - Table Saw Bevel Kickback Goes Th...

Safety rules don't exist in a vacuum.  Not only do people vary in their willingness (eagerness?) to be exposed to risk, but rules fit together to protect one.  A procedure safe in one context may not ...
Alan S Woodworking 29 2,413 02-13-2021, 09:30 AM
  0 Thread: heat gun
Post: RE: heat gun

Another use for a heat gun: Adapters to connect a shopvac to various hoses and tools are sometimes hard to find.  A heat gun allows you to make one easily.  Warming PVC pipe allows you to stretch it ...
Alan S Woodworking Power Tools 3 634 02-06-2021, 03:40 PM
  0 Thread: Domino and Biscuit Joiner
Post: RE: Domino and Biscuit Joiner

Mike Farrington on youtube has and uses both.
Alan S Woodworking Power Tools 71 3,900 01-28-2021, 10:25 PM
  0 Thread: Make a spoon in twenty minutes
Post: RE: Make a spoon in twenty minutes

I agree that the workholding and tools were very interesting -- as was the skill. The triangular bladed knife/chisel looks very useful. I wonder how much of this is Russian tradition, and how much i...
Alan S Woodworking Hand Tools 10 1,116 01-17-2021, 03:50 PM
  0 Thread: Jointer Strategy Question
Post: RE: Jointer Strategy Question

If you are just trying to see the color of the wood, why not just use a handplane to expose a spot of color near the end of each board? If a board turns out to be sufficiently uneven in color that yo...
Alan S Woodworking 13 1,186 01-17-2021, 02:24 PM
  0 Thread: Riving Red Oak
Post: RE: Riving Red Oak

[quote pid='7942924' dateline='1610677085'] So far, I haven't really been able to lever the shakes off the log until I am at the bottom. Any advice on how to increase production or suggestions on be...
Alan S Woodworking Hand Tools 2 464 01-15-2021, 12:30 PM
  0 Thread: I need to cut a hole in wood. Simple right?
Post: RE: I need to cut a hole in wood. Simple right?

If you use a hole saw without the pilot, start by cutting a hole guided by the pilot bit in some scrap.  Clamp this on top of your stock to help accurately start the hole saw without the pilot. Doubl...
Alan S Woodworking 21 2,077 12-21-2020, 10:30 PM

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