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  0 Thread: I need a mini table saw
Post: I need a mini table saw

I have begun to make small jewelry boxes- using 1/4" - 3/8" material.   I find that my large table saw is a bit bulky for this detail work.   Although I have made several jigs to have accurate miter c...
AlanS Woodworking 11 1,805 10-17-2023, 03:00 PM
  0 Thread: TS issues....
Post: TS issues....

Time to pack in my Steel City TS. I can't turn the tilt handle...took it apart several times and can not find the issue. No place near me to consult- Long Island NY. So... I no longer need a large cab...
AlanS Woodworking Power Tools 2 1,001 03-14-2022, 04:03 PM
  0 Thread: What brand double sided tape?
Post: What brand double sided tape?

This may seem silly, but what kind of double sided tape do you all use?   I use it to tape templates down rather than clamps....I had some nice carpet tape, ran out...bought several types of replaceme...
AlanS Woodworking 13 2,455 01-08-2022, 04:55 PM
  0 Thread: Cleaning kitchen doors.
Post: Cleaning kitchen doors.

My cherry kitchen cabinets were finished with Minwax Polyurethane spray...satin.... They have accumulated oil and grease from daily use (especially over the stove).   How do I clean the doors without ...
AlanS Finishing 4 1,523 12-07-2021, 08:53 AM
  0 Thread: What is the BEST sandpaper?
Post: What is the BEST sandpaper?

I can't seem to find the article, but someone posted about the BEST choice for sandpaper.  Seems that the mesh type won!  I need to restock my 5" round sander paper and thought I would try the BEST!  ...
AlanS Woodworking 2 959 12-07-2021, 08:49 AM
  0 Thread: Stain on teak table
Post: Stain on teak table

Built a teak veneer table years ago.   Took off the tablecloth to find these 'stains'.   I thought that the areas would bounce back with some oil...but no results.   Thought I would gently ...
AlanS Woodworking 0 445 10-22-2021, 12:36 PM
  0 Thread: Alternative to Watch? Home safe?
Post: Alternative to Watch? Home safe?

I have a 'home shop'...making furniture and small boxes.    I have, for years, used Watco...several coat put on with 400 grit...then...paste wax.   The finish is excellent and has great...
AlanS Finishing 4 1,299 09-20-2021, 01:14 PM
  0 Thread: miters on small parts
Post: RE: miters on small parts

fredhargis Wrote: (07-08-2021, 11:41 AM) -- Would you consider a miter trimmer? I'm suggesting ones like the old Pootatunk or Dosch, although there are some Asian copies made these days. I use my Dos...
AlanS Woodworking 13 2,784 07-08-2021, 11:45 AM
  0 Thread: miters on small parts
Post: miters on small parts

I want to make several small boxes.. the liners are about 1/8" thick and measure 2"x 5".   I want to miter these liner inserts....I have used my chop box and table saw, but it's dangerous with the sma...
AlanS Woodworking 13 2,784 07-08-2021, 10:42 AM
  0 Thread: Finish for outdoor table?
Post: Finish for outdoor table?

Neighbor bought a pine outdoor table...slats on top...not solid.   Well, one week later, some of the slats are warping...she wants me to replace/ repair with new pine.    What is the best way to finis...
AlanS Woodworking 6 2,149 06-03-2021, 10:32 AM
  0 Thread: I need a new jigsaw!
Post: I need a new jigsaw!

I don't have a band saw, and sometimes I need to cut curves, etc.   I use my jigsaw, but I get terrible results.   I've had a few jigsaws in my time and the ALL have blade flex,  The cut is never at a...
AlanS Woodworking Power Tools 24 5,473 12-18-2020, 09:33 AM
  0 Thread: Wood expansion question
Post: RE: Wood expansion question

How is it that some builders will have a tight space ? Or glue a solid panel on top of a box frame.   There is no place for movement when you do that...glued with and cross grain.   And, I ...
AlanS Woodworking 8 3,174 11-09-2020, 05:51 PM
  0 Thread: Wood expansion question
Post: RE: Wood expansion question

Just to clarify....  I don't want any spaces between the top and the sides.   Am I asking for disaster?
AlanS Woodworking 8 3,174 11-09-2020, 02:07 PM
  0 Thread: Wood expansion question
Post: Wood expansion question

So, Building a small jewelry box   6"x3".   Sides are curly maple, 1/4" thick.  Top is Padauk..1/4" thick, set into a dado in the sides of the box.   Bottom is issue there.   The top pan...
AlanS Woodworking 8 3,174 11-09-2020, 01:43 PM
  0 Thread: Veneer question
Post: Veneer question

A friend unloaded a nice amount of burl veneers on me.   Problem is, there are gaps in the veneer..some about 1/16" wide.   I tried to glue a piece to substrate, but the glue filled the gaps and that ...
AlanS Woodworking 7 2,311 11-03-2020, 05:50 PM
  0 Thread: I need a new!
Post: I need a new!

I have to retire my PC 7336 6" random orbit sander.   It was fantastic...I could do major flattening of surfaces as well as fine sanding work.   Read the reviews for it's replacement 6" unit and they ...
AlanS Woodworking Power Tools 6 3,189 10-27-2018, 01:20 PM
  0 Thread: Router bits...burned?
Post: Router bits...burned?

I was given a batch of old router bits.   some have blackened tips....solid carbide, some HSS.   Does the fact that they were once 'burned' cause them to be trash?    I want to send some out to be sha...
AlanS Woodworking 17 12,727 03-30-2018, 06:20 PM
  0 Thread: Can router bits be sharpened?
Post: Can router bits be sharpened?

I tend to do template routing, thus I have many straight bits...well, the majority of them are dull.    Can they be professionally sharpened?   Is it worth it?  I tried to 'tune' them up myself, didn'...
AlanS Woodworking 10 7,328 03-20-2018, 10:24 AM
  0 Thread: Need idea for small diameter dowel pin making
Post: Need idea for small diameter dowel pin making

I like to accent my boxes with corner 'pins' rather than splines.   1/8" birch dowels are easy to buy, but smaller diameter is not available.  To date, I use a metal drill gauge guide (the metal plate...
AlanS Woodworking 14 9,552 01-25-2018, 06:48 PM
  0 Thread: Storm door inserts...
Post: Storm door inserts...

Exterior storm door...current one is pine, painted.   I need to make removable screen and plexi panels for the seasons.   Poplar or pine for the frames of the inserts?  They will be painted and expose...
AlanS Woodworking 4 3,556 10-05-2017, 12:42 PM

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