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  0 Thread: Day Job
Post: RE: Day Job

I was a trial lawyer for almost 40 years. I retired 8 years ago to get away from the stress and long hours. Woodworking has been my hobby fort most of my life. It was my refuge during the many difficu...
Hank Knight Woodworking 22 1,964 05-06-2022, 09:51 AM
  0 Thread: Bubinga drawer/platform bed
Post: RE: Bubinga drawer/platform bed

Wow, that's quite a project with a great result. Nice work.
Hank Knight Woodworking 8 323 05-06-2022, 09:19 AM
  0 Thread: Need some of this
Post: RE: Need some of this

Do a Google search for "linear brush" or "vacuum brush". Youll come up with a number of different configurations and options. I think you can order from Amazon.
Hank Knight Woodworking 7 750 05-05-2022, 10:51 AM
  0 Thread: Old projects
Post: RE: Old projects

That's a very nice clock, especially afer sitting unfinished for 30 years. Great save!
Hank Knight Woodworking 3 316 04-22-2022, 11:25 AM
  0 Thread: fasteners
Post: RE: fasteners

If your shelves are plywood or a single board of any kind and will span the entire width of the murphy bed enclosure, they will almost certainly sag if they have no other support. You might want to gl...
Hank Knight Woodworking 7 441 04-20-2022, 12:13 PM
  0 Thread: is 3/8" too thin for kitchen drawer side? borderline?
Post: RE: is 3/8" too thin for kitchen drawer side? bord...

I think you'll be fine with 3/8" drawer sides, as long as the drawers aren't large or carrying a lot of weight. Rather than putting the drawer bottoms in grooves in the sides, consider using drawer sl...
Hank Knight Woodworking 17 1,024 03-27-2022, 03:08 PM
  0 Thread: Where do you find woodworking plans?
Post: RE: Where do you find woodworking plans?

I've only built one piece from someone else's plans. It had dimension errors and I had to rework some parts. Except for that piece, I have always drawn my own plans. On simple pieces, just a sketch or...
Hank Knight Woodworking 11 934 03-21-2022, 09:34 AM
  0 Thread: Router Bits
Post: RE: Router Bits

My local tool store carried CMT for a long time and I have a bunch of them. They have performed well fior me, including the carbide spiral bits. My supplier switched to Freud and I have some of them t...
Hank Knight Woodworking Power Tools 14 1,200 03-20-2022, 09:59 AM
  0 Thread: Sound insulation for DC
Post: RE: Sound insulation for DC

Juss1, here are some photos of my D/C closet with a little explanation: 1. my workshop is tiny (17' X 27'), so didn't have room to build a large closet around my cyclone. Mine is just large enough to...
Hank Knight Woodworking Power Tools 7 454 03-19-2022, 03:45 PM
  0 Thread: Sound insulation for DC
Post: RE: Sound insulation for DC

I had the same problem. My ClearVue 1800 cyclone was a screamer in my basement shop. I built an enclosure around it insulated with regular fiberglass house insulation and sheeted it with Homasote - bo...
Hank Knight Woodworking Power Tools 7 454 03-18-2022, 11:58 AM
  0 Thread: What would you do differently if you were setting up your shop?
Post: RE: What would you do differently if you were sett...

The one thing I wish I could do over is to put down a hardwood floor. My shop has a concrete floor and it has been very hard on my feet and back for many years, even with rubber mats in most areas. On...
Hank Knight Woodworking 21 1,420 03-15-2022, 12:13 PM
  0 Thread: Contracts
Post: RE: Contracts

AHill Wrote: (03-10-2022, 10:18 AM) -- Interesting.  Especially considering that most courts will consider a verbal agreement a legal contract.  And I would assume most people can't recall the exact ...
Hank Knight Woodworking 16 1,032 03-10-2022, 01:32 PM
  0 Thread: Contracts
Post: RE: Contracts

jteneyck Wrote: (03-04-2022, 01:52 PM) -- I've never used a lawyer.  I email prospective customers a quote with an attached drawing of the project, and detail what materials, hardware, and finishes w...
Hank Knight Woodworking 16 1,032 03-05-2022, 10:02 AM
  0 Thread: Contracts
Post: RE: Contracts

I'm a lawyer (or was - retired 8 years), and I have a little different view. One of the basic precepts of contract law is that the law makes every effort to give effect to to the inent of the parties ...
Hank Knight Woodworking 16 1,032 03-04-2022, 11:16 AM
  0 Thread: Homemade Dust Sentry
Post: RE: Homemade Dust Sentry

I posted this circuit diagram here several years ago, so it may be the one the OP was referring to. My oldest friend is an electronics wizzard. He designed and built this switch circuit for my ClearVu...
Hank Knight Woodworking Power Tools 5 640 02-27-2022, 04:11 PM
  0 Thread: a wood to contrast with QSWO
Post: RE: a wood to contrast with QSWO

I made some cuttibng boards out of QSWO and used maple, walnut and bloodwood for contrasting stripes. Maybe too much color for yourt client, but the walnut and the bloodwood looked great with QSWO. Bl...
Hank Knight Woodworking 14 1,117 02-18-2022, 09:44 PM
  0 Thread: random orbital sander
Post: RE: random orbital sander

I have an earlier versiom of that Bosch 6" dual action ROS. It's a hoss, but I don't use it nearly as much as I use my smaller 5" Bosch ROS. I probably would not replace it if it died.
Hank Knight Woodworking Power Tools 32 2,178 02-16-2022, 03:17 PM
  0 Thread: Storage cabinet
Post: RE: Storage cabinet

I agree with Halfthumb: 1/4" plywood should be plenty strong enough for the back of your cabinet. if you glue it and brad it into a rebate all the way around the perimeter fo the back of the cabinet i...
Hank Knight Woodworking 9 898 01-29-2022, 10:58 PM
  0 Thread: What glue for joinery?
Post: RE: What glue for joinery?

Titebond makes a slow set glue called Titebond Extend for complex glue-ups that require a lot of time. Here's a link to Titebond Extend on Amazon:
Hank Knight Woodworking 12 922 01-25-2022, 11:28 AM
  0 Thread: Tablesaw Sled Runner Replacement?
Post: RE: Tablesaw Sled Runner Replacement?

I have done the exact replacement you are considering. I first made sure the UHMW runners fit comfortably in the miter tracks in my saw table and predrilled and countersunk them to make sure the screw...
Hank Knight Woodworking 6 611 01-23-2022, 04:10 PM

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