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  0 Thread: Cost to remove solar panels for a re-roof?
Post: RE: Cost to remove solar panels for a re-roof?

1.) I've no experience or knowledge on cost of removal/reinstall of a PV system on a roof, but know that if you DIY it you'll most likely void any warranty you may have. If someone says "no problem -...
janie2 Home Improvement 13 2,408 04-12-2022, 12:24 AM
  0 Thread: Kitchen Cabinet Paint
Post: RE: Kitchen Cabinet Paint

Cabinet Monkey Wrote: (02-19-2022, 07:31 PM) -- 1. 4 grand is cheap for a set of kitchen cabinets.   2. Conversion Varnish is waaaaaaaaay better than BenMoore Advance.   Which, takes weeks to cure...
janie2 Finishing 19 1,191 04-03-2022, 09:43 PM
  0 Thread: Anybody ever refinished a tub?
Post: RE: Anybody ever refinished a tub?

we are using a Fine Fixtures Drop bath tub. Used armoglaze bath refinishing kit to repair a cracked fiberglass tub/shower bottom. Repaired the crack with fiberglass repair material and then painted th...
janie2 Home Improvement 14 2,642 04-03-2022, 07:17 PM
  0 Thread: Make Golden Mean calipers
Post: RE: Make Golden Mean calipers

Derek Cohen Wrote: (03-15-2022, 08:01 AM) -- Tony, I made this one close to 20 years ago ... Tasmanian Blackwood and brass, with handmade bras...
janie2 Woodworking Hand Tools 16 983 04-01-2022, 02:28 AM
  0 Thread: Help! New house = new shop
Post: RE: Help! New house = new shop

You can keep bikes and helmets from being a road hazard with either wall-mounted hooks or floor racks. like shown in picture. This ( is exactly how...
janie2 Woodworking 16 4,312 03-28-2022, 12:17 AM
  0 Thread: Hearing protection with music - recommendation?
Post: RE: Hearing protection with music - recommendation...

I have purchased 180s earmuff. After I was able to sync the devices (issue was me not the directions) I was very impressed with the product. Operates as advertised and good quality sound. I have not t...
janie2 Woodworking 15 2,811 01-30-2022, 11:47 PM
  0 Thread: Snow blower wheel problem
Post: RE: Snow blower wheel problem

If the V-belt is misadjusted the snow blower wheels won't turn. First of all check the belt to determine if this ( is broken or worn out, and make sure ...
janie2 Home Improvement 11 1,653 01-16-2022, 05:52 AM
  0 Thread: kitchen hoods - makeup air?
Post: RE: kitchen hoods - makeup air?

Tim in Indiana Wrote: (01-10-2022, 11:31 PM) -- This is what we did. On ours it is integrated into the fan controls. Turn on the exhaust fan and the makeup air damper opens. We have ours pulling thro...
janie2 Home Improvement 6 648 01-14-2022, 02:28 AM
  0 Thread: What brand double sided tape?
Post: RE: What brand double sided tape?

double sided golf grip tape is really good.
janie2 Woodworking 13 1,031 01-13-2022, 04:11 AM

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