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  0 Thread: My old drill press has died
Post: RE: My old drill press has died

Sorry for your loss. The mt3 is the killer, been looking for one myself, preferrably a 20" Delta. They are hard to find. Ask on owwm, someone might have a parts machine for you. Ed
EdL Woodworking Power Tools 6 133 Yesterday, 09:20 PM
  0 Thread: Insane Drain Idea?
Post: RE: Insane Drain Idea?

You don't say where your location this case it matters, big time. If your in an area where it freezes, use 4", bury it 1" lower than necessary. This allows for varation in the trench depth. ...
EdL Home Improvement 8 340 08-14-2022, 09:59 PM
  0 Thread: Gray Elm
Post: RE: Gray Elm

Never had a problem with Elm other than movement.....I enjoy working with it. Machines well.....methinks you didn't get Elm. Ed
EdL Woodworking 17 1,332 08-03-2022, 10:03 PM
  0 Thread: Drum Sanders
Post: RE: Drum Sanders

DW733.....same planer I started with (still have it). Its a 2 knife head and has a feed rate that is to fast. Don't think there is an aftermarket head, not cost effective on that old of a machine. So...
EdL Woodworking Power Tools 14 581 07-31-2022, 11:17 PM
  0 Thread: Western red cedar
Post: RE: Western red cedar

Need to know what planer you have and how many knives. Ed
EdL Woodworking 16 778 07-31-2022, 08:42 PM
  0 Thread: PVA primer advice
Post: RE: PVA primer advice

Did my house with SW pro mar 200. 1 coat primer, 1 coat of paint, yea, its that good. Ed
EdL Home Improvement 11 417 07-31-2022, 02:58 PM
  0 Thread: Wood stain outside without finish
Post: RE: Wood stain outside without finish

Loml uses a Cabot stain that holds up very well by itself. Ed
EdL Finishing 2 188 07-31-2022, 10:06 AM
  0 Thread: Hackberry
Post: RE: Hackberry

IMHO, its not an appealing wood. Lots of it on our property, falls into the firewood catagory. (Pun intended) Ed
EdL Woodworking 6 483 07-20-2022, 10:05 PM
  0 Thread: Workbench Top Material
Post: RE: Workbench Top Material

Buy it, read, be enlightened...He covers everything and why somethings don't work and others do includes plans for 2 different benches. My small roubo weighs 400 lbs give or take, even as a primary p...
EdL Woodworking Hand Tools 23 1,263 07-19-2022, 09:21 PM
  0 Thread: Black locust?
Post: RE: Black locust?

Ours here has a green tint....very hard, not tooling friendly. Used to use it to make pitman arms for my sickle bar mower, only thing that would hold up. Ed
EdL Woodworking 13 868 07-17-2022, 12:55 PM
  0 Thread: Black locust?
Post: RE: Black locust?

A pic of the board please, black locust is green, rather ugly imo. What you have looks more like honey locust color wise. Ed
EdL Woodworking 13 868 07-16-2022, 08:47 PM
  0 Thread: battery screwdrivers
Post: RE: battery screwdrivers

Milwaukee just came out with a lion version of their old 4v (?) one.... Ed
EdL Woodworking Power Tools 9 646 06-29-2022, 02:17 PM
  0 Thread: carpentry question - strapping ceiling, shimming to level
Post: RE: carpentry question - strapping ceiling, shimmi...

I've found it easiest to sister steel studs to the existing rafters. Big advantage is they are straight to begin with... If you do, make sure to use fine thread drywall screws to hold the new dryw...
EdL Home Improvement 8 468 06-25-2022, 10:08 AM
  0 Thread: Sand Blaster
Post: RE: Sand Blaster

Easier to pay someone to do it, if you find a place that does powder coating, let them do that too. You admitted your compressor is marginal to blast with. You also live in a high humidity area moi...
EdL Woodworking Power Tools 8 485 06-21-2022, 09:45 PM
  0 Thread: Dynatrap Mosquito Control?
Post: RE: Dynatrap Mosquito Control?

Call a pro, not worrth playing dickaround. 75 bux gets me at least 1/4 acre and ZERO skeeters. Yea, you can buy the spray at the farm store...BUT, the pro adds an exciter that causes the skeeters to ...
EdL Home Improvement 10 475 06-14-2022, 10:29 PM
  0 Thread: Incra 1000 HD
Post: RE: Incra 1000 HD

SE owner here too. Excellent tool, no complaints, use it on a Uni.. Ed
EdL Woodworking Power Tools 6 497 06-14-2022, 10:16 PM
  0 Thread: Table Saw Project
Post: RE: Table Saw Project

Nice...very nice job on the Powermatic. Ed
EdL Woodworking Power Tools 4 458 06-07-2022, 09:08 PM
  0 Thread: Wavy oak
Post: RE: Wavy oak

Sounds to me like the sawyer was was to dang lazy to change a dull blade. Pics? Ed
EdL Woodworking 6 436 05-30-2022, 10:25 PM
  0 Thread: Johnson Paste Wax is discontinued
Post: RE: Johnson Paste Wax is discontinued

Butchers bowling alley wax is just like Johnsons paste wax.... Ed
EdL Woodworking 23 2,493 05-16-2022, 09:15 PM
  0 Thread: Thickness
Post: RE: Thickness

I just make everything a uniform thickness.....if its .005 off, who cares. On my own designs, if the stock finishes at 7/8, thats what gets used. Ed
EdL Woodworking 13 953 05-14-2022, 03:01 PM

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