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  0 Thread: (WIP) Sphere
Post: RE: (WIP) Sphere

That's going to look amazing Bruce! Beautiful work!
FrankAtl Woodturning 12 598 04-16-2021, 08:53 AM
  0 Thread: SOLD ... Waxed Canvas Tool Rolls
Post: RE: Waxed Canvas Tool Rolls

I've got two of Yotie's tool rolls and one of his aprons. The material and stitching are top quality and well worth the price. Heck of a nice guy too!
FrankAtl Tool Swap N' Sell 4 500 03-28-2021, 11:05 AM
  0 Thread: Arlin
Post: RE: Arlin

Good to see you back Arlin!
FrankAtl Woodturning 9 1,125 03-24-2021, 01:15 PM
  0 Thread: Truly Bizarre Craigslist Ad
Post: RE: Truly Bizarre Craigslist Ad

This makes me cry!....................
FrankAtl Tool Swap N' Sell 6 762 03-24-2021, 01:06 PM
  0 Thread: Memorial Bench
Post: RE: Memorial Bench

Hi John. Any update on what you decided to do?
FrankAtl Woodworking 22 1,499 03-04-2021, 02:04 PM
  0 Thread: Memorial Bench
Post: RE: Memorial Bench

That's a great tribute to someone who passed way too soon. The engraving is beautiful and you should be proud of the results, John.
FrankAtl Woodworking 22 1,499 02-21-2021, 06:48 PM
  0 Thread: Tool Rack Done
Post: RE: Tool Rack Done

(02-18-2021, 06:29 AM)MichaelMouse Wrote: Tools should be buried in the shavings under the ways so you can take a break in turning as you look for the one you need. I save this honor for the screws...
FrankAtl Woodturning 7 791 02-20-2021, 12:44 PM
  0 Thread: Faith Chest
Post: RE: Faith Chest

Wow, you've made 60 or 70 of them! The cross on the front really suits the design. Beautiful work Bill!
FrankAtl Woodworking 20 1,199 02-16-2021, 03:53 PM
  0 Thread: Memorial Bench
Post: RE: Memorial Bench

I think you made a good decision John. The radius on the bottom of the arm really lightened the look and highlights the radius on the seat rail. I've wanted to make a similar bench for years and your...
FrankAtl Woodworking 22 1,499 02-16-2021, 03:48 PM
  0 Thread: Doh!
Post: RE: Doh!

(02-12-2021, 08:28 AM)Gary G™ Wrote: At least you didn’t use it for your hairdo. :crazy: I don't know how many people caught your meaning but I know exactly what you're talking about. It seems some...
FrankAtl Woodworking 21 1,746 02-12-2021, 04:45 PM
  0 Thread: Hatchling
Post: RE: Hatchling

Great job Bruce! I love the claw.
FrankAtl Woodturning 13 1,278 01-27-2021, 12:06 PM
  0 Thread: Delta Shaper & Tenon Jig
Post: RE: Delta Shaper & Tenon Jig

Mike, My zip code is 30041 but don't put too much effort into it. I was planning on building my own jig but when I saw your ad, I figured it was worth checking out. I can still build one and would pro...
FrankAtl Tool Swap N' Sell 9 1,240 01-22-2021, 04:23 PM
  0 Thread: Delta Shaper & Tenon Jig
Post: RE: Delta Shaper & Tenon Jig

(01-20-2021, 11:52 AM)Zack Butler Wrote: I'm interested in the tenoning jig.  Do you get up to Atlanta ever? I might be interested in the Shaper jig and have the same question as Zach Butler regard...
FrankAtl Tool Swap N' Sell 9 1,240 01-20-2021, 03:08 PM
  0 Thread: Doh!
Post: RE: Doh!

That moment when you realize what you've done is chilling! I usually just turn everything off and go have a beer. :)
FrankAtl Woodworking 21 1,746 01-19-2021, 09:55 AM
  0 Thread: aromatic cedar no smell?
Post: RE: aromatic cedar no smell?

I've never used any but I've heard that western red cedar doesn't have as strong of a smell as aromatic cedar. Could it be that it's not aromatic?
FrankAtl Woodworking 4 645 01-12-2021, 08:22 AM
  0 Thread: wOODSMITH RANT

(01-11-2021, 07:05 PM)Admiral Wrote: So do I.  We are dinosaurs..... Yes Rich, we certainly are but I'm glad I lived a good portion of my life without the Internet! :)
FrankAtl Woodworking 30 2,712 01-12-2021, 08:15 AM
  0 Thread: wOODSMITH RANT

I think I'd rather have a "removable" insert in the middle of a magazine than ads scattered all over the place. I still like printed material, while it lasts, and will tolerate a certain amount of ads...
FrankAtl Woodworking 30 2,712 01-11-2021, 05:49 PM
  0 Thread: A Few More Silver Maple Burl Bowls
Post: RE: A Few More Silver Maple Burl Bowls

Beautiful work!..................................
FrankAtl Woodturning 13 1,241 01-04-2021, 05:02 PM
  0 Thread: Sea urchin ornaments
Post: RE: Sea urchin ornaments

Hi John I get mine from Cindy Drozda: You can buy them on Amazon but the size and quality vary greatly. Cindy also has some instructions on how to pre...
FrankAtl Woodturning 8 1,023 12-26-2020, 05:52 PM
  0 Thread: Spalted Maple Bowl
Post: RE: Spalted Maple Bowl

Very nice! The simple form really shows off the wood. I turn a lot of burls and I always leave the holes. I never found any reason to fill them and almost all non-woodworkers that see my turnings comp...
FrankAtl Woodturning 10 1,715 12-05-2020, 11:00 PM

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