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  0 Thread: Paving question
Post: RE: Paving question

I'm on 300' of gravel and will stay that way since it's only us. Co-worker paved about 1/2 mile with "grindings" (i think that is the correct term--asphalt ground off street re-paving) about 5 years ...
greenacres2 Home Improvement 18 655 05-04-2021, 02:29 PM
  0 Thread: Antique Dewalt Radial Arm Saw Free to Good Home (santa rosa)
Post: RE: Antique Dewalt Radial Arm Saw Free to Good Hom...

Dang, looks like it's a GWI, and pretty much intact. Only a 2,500 mile drive--each way!! earl
greenacres2 Tool Swap N' Sell 5 391 05-02-2021, 06:56 AM
  0 Thread: Electric motor advice needed
Post: RE: Electric motor advice needed

In a few posts you mention that "it trips the power strip". Have you tried plugging directly into an outlet with no power strip? Doesn't seem like that should make a difference--but if the power str...
greenacres2 Woodworking Power Tools 20 1,147 04-12-2021, 12:04 PM
  0 Thread: Paduak
Post: RE: Paduak

Makore for me--almost to the point of scary. earl
greenacres2 Woodturning 11 628 04-02-2021, 03:10 PM
  0 Thread: Height Adjustment Issues - Bosch 1617 Router
Post: RE: Height Adjustment Issues - Bosch 1617 Router

Yep, that clip can pop off if you hit the end of travel. First time i did that, i picked up a replacement at a local Ace Hdwe. Second time, i picked up two and taped one to the inside of the cabinet...
greenacres2 Woodworking Power Tools 4 359 04-02-2021, 04:23 AM
  0 Thread: Should I get rid of my old Bosch router?
Post: RE: Should I get rid of my old Bosch router?

I'm a Bosch 1617 fan, so prejudiced. Most routers rely on their plunge base for table use (springs removed), in the case of the 1617 the fixed base is the one designed for table use (and can be adjus...
greenacres2 Woodworking Power Tools 19 1,345 03-28-2021, 07:12 AM
  0 Thread: Bench Dog Pro Contractor Router Table
Post: RE: Bench Dog Pro Contractor Router Table

Ricc--did you get my PM a few days ago? earl
greenacres2 Tool Swap N' Sell 9 889 03-23-2021, 01:31 PM
  0 Thread: Cabinet knob
Post: RE: Cabinet knob

With good gluing and proper cure, it should work--question is how long. I think i have a few 1.5" square walnut spindle blanks in the shop, i'll head down in a bit to check. Think i only paid $5...
greenacres2 Woodturning 9 776 03-16-2021, 06:23 PM
  0 Thread: Laguna 12-16
Post: RE: Laguna 12-16

I've gotten good service from my Rikon 70-220VSR, might want to take a look at that as well. Don't know about parts or service--haven't needed either in 4 years. earl
greenacres2 Woodworking Power Tools 6 828 03-13-2021, 06:33 AM
  0 Thread: Segmented bowl
Post: RE: Segmented bowl

Looks great Rusty. I've done a handful--it's amazing how good a few scraps can look!! earl
greenacres2 Woodturning 4 394 03-08-2021, 07:39 PM
  0 Thread: 240V electrical question
Post: RE: 240V electrical question

Don't most genertors include a 240v circuit? If not, you could limit the search for a generator to one with appropriately sized 240v. Might as well run the full 240 from a generator as long as you'r...
greenacres2 Woodworking Power Tools 28 1,804 03-04-2021, 01:45 PM
  0 Thread: Sanding discs, best deal?
Post: RE: Sanding discs, best deal?

Amen for Klingspor. Not cheap, but good value for excellent product. earl
greenacres2 Woodworking Power Tools 11 1,021 03-03-2021, 12:59 PM
  0 Thread: Electric chainsaw ?
Post: RE: Electric chainsaw ?

I did a Milwaukee 18v string trimmer last summer to replace an old one. 8ah battery gives me a good 45 minutes of trimming and it's a heavy duty machine. So that has me thinking of the Milwaukee 16"...
greenacres2 Woodworking Power Tools 13 698 02-26-2021, 07:25 AM
  0 Thread: Question regarding Powermatic 3520A..
Post: RE: Question regarding Powermatic 3520A..

(02-06-2021, 04:10 AM)Kingsroots Wrote: Ok that makes sense to have it as a shutoff instead of unplugging. The cutout on the faceplate is my concern too I'm not sure why that was done. I'll take the...
greenacres2 Woodturning 25 1,523 02-06-2021, 07:53 AM
  0 Thread: Fingers Crossed
Post: RE: Fingers Crossed

I'm grateful for this thread. I've needed a few things, Hartville has great pricing anyway. the past i've never remembered the WN15 in the promo code line. Saved me $15 today--on top o...
greenacres2 Woodworking Power Tools 21 1,634 02-02-2021, 07:51 PM
  0 Thread: causes for tenons breaking
Post: RE: causes for tenons breaking

Mortise has been my solution as well--hoping for a better answer!! earl
greenacres2 Woodturning 4 550 01-29-2021, 02:13 PM
  0 Thread: Fingers Crossed
Post: RE: Fingers Crossed

Have ordered from Hartville several times. It's on a very short list of physical stores i really would like to go visit. Way beyond WW tools!! earl
greenacres2 Woodworking Power Tools 21 1,634 01-26-2021, 12:16 PM
  0 Thread: Walnut turning blanks
Post: RE: Walnut turning blanks

Dave--i'll take box 2 if available. Box 3 is okay if 2 is not available. PM coming. Thanks, earl
greenacres2 Tool Swap N' Sell 3 505 01-24-2021, 07:54 PM
  0 Thread: PSA: CMT Router Bits 50% Off + Free Shipping Over $25
Post: RE: PSA: CMT Router Bits 50% Off + Free Shipping O...

Mark Sommerfeld is the brother of "Kreg". Just ordered a few bullnose bits that i've long wanted--thanks for the heads-up!! earl
greenacres2 Woodworking Power Tools 3 450 01-21-2021, 06:43 AM
  0 Thread: Advice selling tablesaw
Post: RE: Advice selling tablesaw

(01-08-2021, 09:22 AM)Bryan Fowler Wrote: Thanks everyone for the advice. Sounds like best option is offering it with options. And having a price for both with the Incra, or clean and they can buy ...
greenacres2 Woodworking Power Tools 12 1,103 01-08-2021, 01:55 PM

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