Stanley Yankee brace (All Sold)
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Here's a few things I have for sale. Stanley Yankee 2101A brace with 10" throw. Ball bearing chuck. Nice and smooth mechanics with no issues. Straight frame, great jaws. Takes round or taper shanks. sold

Stanley 42 saw set with box and instructions. One side of box bottom has lost its tape. This set is near mint but the anvil does show some mild use. Sold

Stanley 9 1/2 block plane. USA made black color with adjustable mouth. This is a sweet one. The jappaning, sole, mouth and iron are all super nice. If you need an older USA made block plane (standard pitch) this one is worth it. Sold

Please PM if you'd like to purchase any items. My PM's are on. You may also post here if you're unsure in the meantime. I can combine shipping as well in flat rate boxes. Thanks!

  Re: Stanley Yankee brace (All Sold) by Kansas City Fireslayer (
That's a really, really nice vintage 9 1/2.  Crispy as they come.  That will not last long.
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  Re: Stanley Yankee brace (All Sold) by Kansas City Fireslayer (
Thanks Admiral. You were right, the block plane is sold. The 42 saw set is sold. I still have the Yankee brace. $40 is a bargain for this one. Thanks everyone.

  Re: Stanley Yankee brace (All Sold) by Kansas City Fireslayer (
I'm dropping the price of the Yankee brace to $35 plus shipping. If you're wanting a brace, this is as good as it gets. Shipping will be a med flat rate box ($12 ish).



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