Exotic and figured wood UPS packs.
I did a little house cleaning and pulled out all my odd ball extra pieces left over from previous pieces. Just about all this would be suitable for veneer if someone was interested in slicing it up. Prices and measurements are written on the boards. All prices are before shipping.

Figured QS makore

 photo 3F498299-07F4-4409-A18D-EAA872C46599_zpstczk3bfs.jpg

 photo A914DC68-DF71-4434-B439-F437C6796700_zpsndyqzmv5.jpg

 photo 49EBDC10-B2F6-4A25-BECE-1116A8723D92_zpsz2woch4m.jpg

 photo 36E644DB-15D9-4BC8-AD3C-4327E0F98A0E_zpsesehqlvo.jpg

The back of #4 isn't completely clean but should clean up at 3/4"

 photo 8609B63B-6952-4D2B-9EFF-2B9370CDCBD3_zpsl8brwwiw.jpg

Quilted big leaf maple
 photo EE930B3A-3FC1-4EC7-BF47-93A4FD41F808_zps5qropv7k.jpg

 photo B6284883-F90F-4C05-A337-D36A7ACDFF2C_zps11fh4yrk.jpg

Maple burl. This is a book match but I will sell individually. Will make great pen blanks.

 photo 4F7B3521-43D5-4ABF-8843-D559A7F3FA37_zps5ibpmt6c.jpg

 photo 12646FC3-B1A4-440E-AE5D-579A91C1EAF6_zpsp5lum0w7.jpg

This is figured bubinga. I couldn't not get a picture of this to do it justice. It is amazing in person. Unlike anything I have ever seen.

 photo 489954EC-A072-4135-BBE1-A87DCEFCE274_zpsso2uzlqo.jpg

 photo 80CA84D8-0F6E-4EDC-AA83-53AA30FE9BC1_zpsgq2m7znx.jpg
#1, 2, 8, 9 sold.
See PM.
I will not horde.
I will not horde.
I will not horde.
Looks like everything is spoken for.
(07-14-2017, 12:07 PM)badwhiskey Wrote: I will not horde.
I will not horde.
I will not horde.

Must be something with our name. I had to say the same thing!

(07-14-2017, 12:33 PM)Dave Diaman Wrote: Looks like everything is spoken for.


That was a close one!
That was/is some beautiful wood.
Would love to see what the other parts of those boards went into.
Pictures please.
(07-14-2017, 12:33 PM)Dave Diaman Wrote: Looks like everything is spoken for.


Guess that's what I get for not checking in this morning here.

Once Favre hangs it up though, it years of cellar dwelling for the Pack. (Geoff 12-18-07)  

Box came in the mail today. I opened it. The maple burl is incredible. But the figured makore...I don't have the words to describe it, it just sat in the cardboard box and gleamed at me. I don't know that there is a camera in the world that can do justice to just how those two boards look. I know David gets to work with this stuff all the time, and I can't imagine i'd ever get jaded on seeing it. Shoot--I could almost frame each of them and sell it as art without even planing it.

Did I mention the makore was drop-dead gorgeous??

Thanks David!!

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