Saw Stop Portable Table Saw vs Dewalt
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(10-13-2019, 05:16 PM)kurt18947 Wrote: I mis-typed in my reply. I meant trunnions fastened to the cabinet not the top. I have 27" to the right of the blade on my Griz 1023, have a home made router table in place of the right wing. I haven't found the narrower table a shortcoming. I don't need much space to the right of the blade others may want a half acre saw top. Most common saws are 27"+ from front to back so any space savings will most likely come from a narrower table and storing the saw with the back against the wall. I guess you could go with the contractor style and make a custom portable base with room underneath to store other stuff.

Yea, your Grizzly model has a good price but the weight would be an issue and I do not have a 240V line. The hybrid looks nice but this too is 236lbs. It's just me and in my old shop I could lift anything from the steel beams of the house. No such luck with a Pulte cookie cutter house. LOL I will check things out Friday when I'm down in Jacksonville. We have a 10K sqft shop where I live. It's really nice but I'm not use to working around dozens of people. Also, some of the rules are just too fussy for me. I do get it that they need a one way of doing things since the woodworkers range from experienced to beginner. I use the shop for the planer and jointer. But I still need to drive 5 miles to do that.

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