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I have the Kreg lift on the far side of my Unisaw with 50 whatever inch fence. It has T track and its own fence. I bought the whatever the higher end fence is from Peachtree for the router and have the Unifence on my TS. In retrospect, the router fence could be built pretty easily with off the shelf stuff or as an accessory to the Unifence. I do not keep the router fence on the table as most of my router operations don't need a fence so it is rarely in the way. Sometimes it is slightly annoying to have the router on the tablesaw but very rarely. I like having the 50 whatever inch fence on my TS and NOT using more floor space for dedicated router table. It would be more annoying if it were not for the lift that makes moving the router up and down easy and fast. I used to have a Ryobi BT3100 with an attached router table and I hated that because changing bits and adjusting it was a pain.
For dust collection, I just move the overhead 2.5 inch hose off my TS guard. I do not have under the table dust collection for the router only out of being lazy but it would be easy to add as pipe is already there for the TS cabinet. Being that the router is mounted 40 or so inches from the TS blade, it rarely gets in the way.

In my current mind set, I like permanent spots for tools rather than mobile bases. I find it keeps me from having to move crap around in order to do an operation in my 2 car garage shop. In this mindset, I find I keep the table saw/router table clear of clutter as well. The more times a surface is used, the more likely I am going to keep it clear of clutter.

To me it comes down to space. If I had more, I'd go for a dedicated router table but combining it to a wide TS fence has worked well for me.

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