SawStop blade height
I bought a new Freud blade with my SawStop, figuring the one it came with would be crap.  It wasn't.  Been using it since, but  tripped the overload ripping some 8/4 cherry... so I changed it last week some time.  Yesterday I lowered the blade all the way and it was still maybe 1/16 proud of the insert.  WTH?   That may have been the first time I actually lowered it all the way with the Freud, but I think I would've noticed if the SS blade had been that way all long.  But maybe not.  Anybody else?
Have you checked out the diameter of the two blades to see if the Freud is larger? If they are the same maybe you have a build up of sawdust somewhere in the saw's lowering works.
Proud maker of large quantities of sawdust......oh, and the occasional project!
My guess is sawdust buildup/debris on one or more of the posts holding the trunion or the blade height mechanism.

Pretty certain that the full down position on the blade is more than 1/16th below the table surface, so if your blade is stopped in the down position at 1/16th above the surface, then I think you've lost more than 1/8th inch of travel to the issue.

If the Freud blade was actually larger than spec to cause this issue, it would have to be more than 1/4" larger in diameter (1/8th"+ radius).  I think that's highly unlikely.  If the blade was that much larger in diameter, you probably would have seen interference from the blade brake while installing that blade, assuming, of course, that the brake cartridge position hadn't been adjusted away from the blade when removing the previous blade.
Longshot, but, any chance the arbor hole on the sawblade is larger than 5/8"? You would probably see/feel the eccentricity when the blade is spinning...
Almost certainly a build up of sawdust inside.

I have had 2 separate sawstops with same issue resolved with a good internal cleanup.
(01-04-2021, 09:59 AM)JDuke Wrote: Almost certainly a build up of sawdust inside.

I have had 2 separate sawstops with same issue resolved with a good internal cleanup.

I think, as mentioned, that sawdust is the likely culprit. Whenever I change blades I take an air hose to the inside of the cabinet.

See ya later,
Thank you. I wondered if it might be sawdust buildup, but I never saw that with the Xacta saw.  I usually blow it out around the brake cartridge when I change it, but nowhere else.

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