12 inch Bosch glide adjustment?
I used to use a 10” delta compound miter saw, and then went to a 10” Kobalt slider that had some added capacity, but it had some flex.

I watched the Bosch glide for several years before pulling the trigger.

I really liked the idea of the glide mechanism and it seemed like it would be better suited for my work.

Lately I have been using it to cut more aluminum than wood and I can’t say I’m very happy with its performance.

It seems like the arbor has enough play to make the cut less than straight.

The most recent problem, is definitely self inflicted, but I need some help getting it adjusted back to straight.

I had a small piece of aluminum that got loose while cutting and bent both of the fences, I have ordered those, and while waiting have installed a piece of aluminum extrusion, but as you can see in the picture, the saw no longer is even centered on the table.

How do I adjust it back to at least close enough or dead on?

Thanks in advance.


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Ouch. I do not have that saw but did just look at the exploded parts view. I have to wonder if you bent more than the fence. If so you may have to go medieval on it and bend it back. This repair could go well or be a dismal failure. 
Good luck, I have cut much aluminum extrusion on a miter saw and will be more careful with small cut-offs after your experience
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Get out the owner's manual and go through it, step by step, to align the saw.  If that fails then, as mentioned, something is bent and getting it sorted out is going be much harder.  

(01-21-2021, 10:20 AM)jteneyck Wrote: Get out the owner's manual and go through it, step by step, to align the saw.  If that fails then, as mentioned, something is bent and getting it sorted out is going be much harder.  


I went through the adjustments that they tell how to do, even watched a couple detailed YouTube videos, none appear to address the blade ring out of alignment with the insert.

It would appear that a little kickback and this thing is little more than a boat anchor.

When it gets replaced, it certainly wont be with a Bosch.

I really wanted to like the glide mechanism.

Its hard to tell from the pic.  Did you look for all the pins and joints being properly in place and tight?  Aside from that, I would look for a bent frame member.
Put a square on it.  Is the fence 90 deg to the slot?  If it is then the problem is in the saw head and look at those adjustments to correct it. If it's not, then the table has shifted on the zero detent.

I have spent some time with my straight edge, and it looks like the casting that the motor and the arbor mount to is bent.

Best I can tell the rest of the linkage is fairly straight.

Unfortunately the part I need, doesn’t appear to have a part number in their parts diagram, which I interpret to mean that it isn’t available as a replacement part.

This casting is what appears to be bent but it doesn’t have a part number has anyone had any luck emailing the manufacturer about a replacement part when it’s not a numbered replacement part?
You could take it apart to verify if it truly is bent. If it is and you can't find a replacement part then you can try to straighten it, but I'd guess that has a low likelihood of success w/o cracking.  Have you checked Ebay?  

You may have a lot of spare parts for another Glide.  

That seems like a pretty significant piece.  I would see if there is any possibility of a warranty repair first.

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