Blade / Bit cleaning
I use Arm & Hammer Washing Soda. A few table spoons mixed in with hot water, soak the blade for 15 min, and the gunk easily wipes away with a rag.
I often use Simple Green; sometimes I’ll hit it with Goo-Gone.

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I am another user of Simple Green. It smells good too.
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I used Simple Green on my bicycle chain per recommend by a fellow avid cyclist.

Sorry, but it was lousy.

Krud Kutter is THE best thing I've found for cleaning blades.
I've used both Orange stripper and EZOff oven cleaner in the past and both have worked.
(06-11-2021, 08:23 AM)CARYinWA Wrote: I got a good deal on the Rockler concentrated cleaner.  I am pretty impressed.  It works really well and really fast.

(06-11-2021, 06:40 AM)Laid-Back Wrote: heavy solution of Dawn dishwashing detergent placed on a five gallon bucket lid.  bout five minutes or so,

Same as me, though I just use a couple of squirts in enough water to cover..   I use a soft bristle brush to scrub off the residue after soaking.

I used to use oven cleaner, but it's nasty stuff and heard that it weakens the brazing.
Ammonia that is bought in a grocery store. Mix it about 80-20 with water. Unless it is really bad it will clean up in about 3-4 minutes if you use an old toothbrush on it. And don't believe the hype about oven cleaner. It was probably started by some one wanting to sell their own brand of blade cleaned, been using the receipt for 40 years

I use Simple Green.

MicroJig is bringing out a new Blade and bit cleaning system in the fall. 
Literally will clean a 10" saw blade in 30 seconds using Simple Green, Formula 409, Pine Sol, whatever. It even works with plain water but not as fast,

Used to take me about 15 minutes using Soy Gel, Now it takes longer to dry the blade off than to clean it.
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