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(12-16-2021, 09:02 PM)Timberwolf Wrote: ......................
A piece of cotton web belting glued to a board makes a very good strop when charged with honing compound. The rough, slightly corrugated surface really holds the charge a long time. Never tried nylon belting but I'll bet it would work as well...

Now THAT is a good idea!
It's all wood.
About the use of the blue jeans...really  quite long as you remember to PULL the chisel with the edge pointing away from you..just like on a normal strop..

3 pulls back on the bevel, 1 pull on the back, 2 pulls on the bevel, one final pull on the back...check for any burrs.   Pulls can either be up the pants leg, or across....I'm sitting down I guess that could count as set-up time for the "strop"?

ps:  I usually only go to 2500 grit, then either the old leather work belt strop, or the Unicorn Wheel....then back to work.  Don't really want to use the 6" grinder.  I usually use the 6" disc sander to produce a flat bevel..then oil stones (2) then the 1000, 1500, 2000, and then the 2500 grits....A small blob of 3in1 oil to help, where do I set the paper at...why right on top of the last oilstone...floating the paper on a thin layer of oil...    Stone is, after all, flat enough to work, makes a nice flat surface to sit the wet-or-dry paper on...the oil tends to keep the paper in need to clamp it, Jed.    Hmmm. ....have yet to try the 3000 grit.....YMMV  ( I have work to do..)
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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