Another table build?
No details shown on the breadboard ends. I assume you have allowed the wood to move there.

About branding, you can go back and mark all your old pieces. Date them too if you can remember or have a record of when you made them.

Details, details, details...
A bead of glue was run along both faces of the tongues...then the bread boards were mooshed down onto them...same way I have always done these small table tops.   since the late 1980s....

Tenon milling, tonight...
Needed 6 tenons milled...
They seem to match the width of my Narex 8mm Mortise chisel......
so...I'll use that, tomorrow..
Using my little mortise jig...
Once the mortise gets laid out....only have to chop down 1/2"..

Goal being to get the back and both sides dry fitted up....then figure out the drawer runners...mainly what size...

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
I must be getting slow in me Dotage.....20 minutes to lay out, chop, test fit a mortise?
Lay outs...
Chopping took 3 trips..
Clean out the chips each time...then a test fit..or 3...
usually a couple crumbs holding things up....1 hour...
3 mortises done....20 minutes later..
Now how 4 mortises done....front legs only get 1 mortise, to house the side aprons....

didn't feel like taking all them clamps back off, so....went ahead and chopped the front leg's  mortise, instead..
Still have one more mortise to chop....where the side apron meets the back leg ( computer did the "red lines")   

Then I'll need the tablesaw a saw, and not the assembly table....have a few parts to mill...

Stay my "Work Area"?
Shop stool is out of the way, so I can walk around a bit....otherwise, I am sitting down on it,,,chopping away...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Rest of the chopping has been done....
Both of the Front legs got this mortise chopped..
Then at the top of the front legs...
Followed by..
A Kerf Chisel....then a few regular chisels....remember, LEAVE the lines..
And finally, the back leg got it's last mortise..
And THEN I could do a full dry fit of the table's base...
Trying to decide on which way this grain pattern should go....
As the back is mostly straight grained....

24" clamps.....not enough in the shop to glue this completely up....may try to glue the sides up first...then the next day, glue them to the front and back parts..

Will need my tablesaw back as a tablesaw, so I can start on that drawer build 101....

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
If I understand your reply on the breadboard ends correctly, you didnt allow for any wood movement , and it's a time bomb. It might work for you because the humidity change has been minimal at your location.

Maybe for the wider table tops some build....this is 4 pieces...5" wide...very little movement happens.

Ash just doesn't seem to "move" like some woods.....boards have been air-dried for almost 10 a barn, BTW..

That table I built last year for the Gazebo...same bread board ends...sat outside in the Gazebo all of last year...was brought inside for the Winter...not a single crack .

No "ticking Time bomb" in this shop, sorry..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
(05-05-2022, 10:54 AM)bandit571 Wrote: No "ticking Time bomb" in this shop, sorry..
Rolleyes this shop (only)


A 20" wide top is not a narrow piece by any furniture standards and I have seen many cabinet doors of that width or less that expand and contract more than 1/16". Ash behaves more or less like aspen, oak,etc.

I say time bomb because if a piece with no allowance for cross-grain movement is relocated to a different state or city with significant different conditions, it'll "explode." Just ask any furniture restorer.

back to work...this morning..
BEFORE any more glue-ups...things like this had to be fixed...and some of the tenons needed pared a bit smoother..Then clamps and glue..
1st glue leg tried to turn a bit....change where the clamp was..straightened back up...
#2 was a bit better of the drawer parts got milled, today...
A better looking drawer front,  2 sides...and that back for the drawer?
Thought 7/8" was a bit too thick for the back of a drawer...resawn to ~1/2" thick...

Needed something for the drawer to slide on, and not just drop through to the floor...milled up 2 sticks
One per side...glue only.   then thought about a way to guide the drawers along..
Which is what these 2 thin strips will be....

Haven't decided on a kicker, yet.    Need to miter and predrill 4 corner blocks from Pine...and set up to build a drawer.

I wouldn't be holding your breathe, waiting on any "explosion" to happen......BTW..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Turned out...this saw was a bit too dull..
The one IN the 358 Mitre Box.   (Turned out, I did have a freshly sharpened one, in the background, Grrr)
Tried the tablesaw to cut 45 degree miters in Pine 1 x 2s.....angles were not coming out just right...turned out, the mitre gauge was slipping.

Ok...Pine was gone to the scrap pile....dug up some Ash sticks.   Had to jig up the mitre gauge, and crank the knob down as tight as I could..
Added that strip, to get the scraps close enough to the blade...and give me fingers a safer place to hold on...then check after each cut..
With a proper square....then drill and countersink a few holes..

Around the top of the base, these will get glued and screwed into each corner....helps to pull the base into square, and provides a place for a slotted hole to attach the "Time Bomb Top" to the base..
System I use on every top I make. 

Plan for today?   Try NOT to work too hard for a Friday.    Maybe take some clamps off, add a few drops of glue, and try to the base assembled....might see about adding a kicker to the mix?   Dovetailed at each end?  Just to keep the drawer from tipping down, if you pull it out too far,  we'll see..
Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Needed the BIG clamps, today..
As the F style clamps weren't quite up to the task, today....working too hard for a Friday?

Fun part..this needed to be sat done on the floor..
Checked for square...and 4 corner blocks installed....except I only had enough screws for 2....
Well, they are also known as GLUE blocks.....when the proper screws do show up, I can install them in the back 2 blocks

Tomorrow starts the Drawer Build 101..

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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