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(05-09-2022, 05:06 PM)Scouter Wrote: Trying to decide about a new sharpening system, and the choices out there are quite confusing, any thoughts would be more than welcome. What I am looking at are:

- WEN BG4270T (Tormak Clone)
- Work Shop 3000
- Rikon 80-805 Slow Speed bench grinder

Up until now I have been using an old B&D grinder, but it finally died after 40 years, combined with the glass plate sharpening method.

SWMBO bought me a mid-sized lathe for Christmas and I've been messing around with it on pine, so not hard on the lathe tools. Aside from replacing the old grinder I need something to sharpen the lathe tools. I'm not a professional, just a hobbyist, so I'm not looking to take out a mortgage for a Tormek (or better) system. Was down at my local Woodcraft and they tried to get me to buy a $320 Rikon grinder with a $150 attachment, way out of my league.
A big box 8" bench grinder is the most inexpensive way to sharpen lathe tools IMO....Slow speed grinder or variable speed is what I suggest...A white wheel is more friable and does a better job with less chance of bluing steel..If you are using tungsten carbide tools, you can get a green wheel for that...they are silicon carbide You don't "need" a CBN wheel but they are nice..I would not buy one until I have tried the others. They aren't cheap and they can be worn out like any other wheel......I have the Tormek and the Jet wet wheels and would not use them on lathe tools..they will get "dished" and will wear those expensive wheels out pretty quickly.
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