Powder Post Beetles
(11-15-2022, 07:54 PM)ianab Wrote: The various Borate treatments are useful. If I've milled borer vulnerable wood in the past I've dipped the rough but dried boards in a saturated solution of borax to deter the bugs. So far it's worked. But I know it's only  a surface treatment to discourage the little sods from moving in. I wouldn't trust it to take care of an active infestation, where a heat treatment will get them, no matter how deep in the wood they are. At  least messing with 
Borax is fairly safe. The box warns you not to eat it of course, but if's relatively harmless to humans and pets. 

I think Timbor is basically borate in a solvent, allowing it to penetrate a bit further onto the wood. Similar to commercial pressure treating with borate, and why you need to watch the different levels of "treated". Locally borax pressure treated is known as "H1", and is for bug resistance only. It won;t last in the weather as the borate is water soluble. There are H3, 5, 7 etc with more potent and permanent treatments.

Spot on , thanks 

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