Shaper jig
This is kind of a continuation of router table top post. 

Delta calls it their  Delta Sliding shaper Jig. It is really not a jig but for the purpose of this post we will call it one.

The shaper jig set way back in the back corner of the shop and things including saw dust got piled on it and it defiantly needed to be cleaned up in order to use it.


If you look closely at the jig at the miter slot you will see 3 sets of holes that have socket head flat head screws in it. I put then in so the jig would clear the shaper cutters when it was still a shaper. This hole pattern works well for my tenon cutting router bits. But to far away for use with normal router bits.



I moved the guide rail to the middle set of holes. Then it It is to close for the tenon cutter, but it is to about as good as I can get when using  normal use with router bits.



 I might add that with the slot cutting cutter installed the edge of the jig was to close and the 1 7/8 diameter cutter hit the jig ever so slightly so I had to take it to the shop and I cut a 1/16th  off the side. That cut also made the edge of the plate parallel with the slot. Now the jig can clear all of my bit just by changing holes. There are 3 sets of holes and the only thing I can think of it is I got it turned around when I moved the holes originally and had to redo them.


And lastly, the shaper jig completely assembled and read for action.


Thanks for looking, I am just getting ready for my wood working season, hopefully by the end of the month.

Love  it.  Nice work and nice thinking to use a sliding shaper jig.
I posted this because a lot of old timers like myself know about sliding shaper jigs but I do not see them much anymore in catalogs. Maybe I am just not looking. Anyway if someone is out rust hunting and comes accosted one they might consider buying it.


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