Original Incra Jig
I am thinking about buying this Original Incra Jig    https://incra.com/router_table_fences-ij32.html

Anyone have any experience in this?

(05-02-2023, 03:50 PM)Jack01 Wrote: I am thinking about buying this Original Incra Jig    https://incra.com/router_table_fences-ij32.html

Anyone have any experience in this?


I've had one for probably 25 years and use it a lot for making finger jointed and dovetailed drawers on my router table using the templates, and even drawing my own patterns.  It works exactly as advertised for that purpose.  I've never used it for anything else.  The only issue I've found with it when cutting finger joints is that if the bit is oversized or undersized, the joints will end up sloppy or won't go together.  But if the bit is 0.050", for example, the joints go together beautifully.  What I especially like about the jig is that you can stack up 6 or 8 drawer sides and run them through all at once, cutting down the time it takes to make a set of drawers substantially.  Of course, if you goof it's not a good day.  

I bought one years ago,  used it a few times, then switched to hand tools.  I still have it, with the aluminum fence, and the book. It worked fine for me.
I bought the Jointech version of the same thing (essentially) 20 years ago.  Trying to use it for box/dovetail joints was frustrating at best... but it's a fantastic fence by itself with incredibly precise adjustments.
Speaking of Dovetail jigs, we were in Bolinas, CA one time and toured Tripp Carpenter’s shop.
He had the original Keller Dovetail jig which belonged to his dad, Art.
Art Carpenter was quite a furniture maker.

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