I have been receiving emails from am "info@woodnet-projects.info".
The content refers to project plans.
The most recent links to this 
"https : // woodnet-projects.com/cupola-birdhouse-plans"

I have not ever opened one of these links as it appears to me to be an imposter regardless if it's otherwise legit or not.

Anyone know if this is in fact sourced by the Woodnet.net we know here?
Anyone else receiving such emails posing as woodnet?


  woodnet-projects.com DogwoodTales I have been receivin...
It's spam. You're doing the right thing in deleting them.
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  woodnet-projects.com DogwoodTales I have been receivin...
That birdhouse is nice Wink

Glad its my shop I am responsible for - I only have to make me happy.

  woodnet-projects.com DogwoodTales I have been receivin...
I would think that "woodnet" is copyrighted by August Home; a cease and desist letter should really go out from them to protect their copyright.
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  woodnet-projects.com DogwoodTales I have been receivin...
Any idea how they got their hands on woodnet members' email addresses?  The address that's receiving spam is a woodnet-specific email address that's never been used anywhere else...
  woodnet-projects.com DogwoodTales I have been receivin...
I think our emails were exposed for a short while.  Goes right to spam folder for me.
  woodnet-projects.com DogwoodTales I have been receivin...
I get at least one a day.Have never opened one,just delete.Wish there was some way of putting an end to it.

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