I am thinking about refinishing two night stands that we have.  They are like a dark red/brown and appear to be finished in lacquer or a some very durable finish like what you would find on hotel room furniture.  You can leave a water glass on top of it over night and no water rings or marking of any kind.  We want to give them some nice color, like an off-white or a light blue or something like that.  I wanted to try milk paint - I haven't used it before but it looks pretty easy to use.  My plan was to wash the night stand down with 1/2 water and 1/2 DNA, and then sand it to rough up the surface, then milk paint (either the real deal or GF acrylic), and then top coat it with GF wipe-on poly.  Comments/critique?  How many coats of milk paint?  Thank you as always...

  Milk Paint fptahoe I am thinking about ...
If you decide on GF's Milk Paint, just following the directions:  Link

I would not topcoat it with GF's Wipe On Poly.  You will be disappointed if you leave a wet glass on it for very long.  I would use GF's Enduro Clear Poly or, if you can't spray, High Performance Poly.  

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One of the milk paint companies makes a burnishing paste that is acrylic based. I used it on a cabinet and it was easy, durable, and looks good without leaving the milk paint shiny looking. I have used milk paint from both companies as well as the GF milk paint. I actually prefer the GF for ease of application. I have also made my own milk paint using Casin Protein powder, lime, and pigments. Cant seem to get the colors that I want with pigments, but that home made milk paint worked better than what I have bought.
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I've used GF [immitation] milk paint and it is somewhat of a miracle product.  Brush it out using a foam brush and when it dries there are no runs, no brush marks, just a perfectly smooth. albeit matte finish.

The finish will not stand up to scrapes as they show up as shiny spots.  A top coat will be required for the top surface (but  probably not for the legs).

I used black milk paint, and when I tried to top coat it with matte finish clear, the flatters made it look gray.  So check the clear coat first.  I ended up using semi-gloss, which was the flattest finish that did not go gray.  

If you are going with a lighter color this might not be an issue.
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  Milk Paint fptahoe I am thinking about ...
For outdoor furniture (wood) can GF's "milk paint" be used as a colorant in homemade milk paint? If Scoony's works better than manufactured, maybe I can use the clearance stuff from Rockler to tint it. What I have is pretty deeply colored. I just never bothered, nor saw, getting white for a base.
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