Can you put a new coast over an old coat?

I ask because local HD paint dept told me "No, you have to get to bare wood first."

The 5/4 PT deck boards are 15 years old and in good shape.

I used 50grit on a pole sander and got the loose stuff off.  Intend to wash [NOT pwr wash] and let dry.

Our deck is not a feature story for BEST DECKS magazine so I will discard HD's advice and press on because I'm not going to spend the time to get boards to bare wood.

But I'm still interested in your war stories WRT this product.  Cyberspace is not complimentary about BEHR.


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I've put multiple coats on with opaque stain. I've never had an issue with it. Stain is always going to soak into the wood. It's not a rubber coat like latex.

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  BEHR Semi-Transparent Stiain varkpilot Can you put a new co...
I've had good luck with applying additional coats-thru the years with Cabot Semi-Transparent stain. I used solid color once and it peeled and I had to strip the deck. Went back to semi and it holds up great.
  BEHR Semi-Transparent Stiain varkpilot Can you put a new co...
I sprayed our gate arbor with semi-transparent stain last weekend.  It was a recoat of the original, which was stained with PPG Weatherscreen semi-transparent stain four years ago.  I recoated with the same brand/color.  Looks fine. 

The only thing I did to prepare the surface was to wash it with the power sprayer to remove loose dirt/grime.  Didn't even use any soap/cleaner because that part of my cheapo power washer doesn't work any more.
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First off the people working at the HD paint department could probably tell you how a McDonald's hamburger is made probably as well as how to prep a surface for paint.  They are just minimum wage folks off the street and never had any experience with any kind of coating.  I bought two cans of Behr semi-transparent stain pint sample cans, asked the HD guy behind the counter to mix two different samples.  When I got home both cans were the same sample, which proves my point...don't be stupid like me, check your paint sample just like you would check your McDonalds bag at the drive thru.  Your best bet is to http://www.Behr.com and do some research on your own regarding prep and recoating.  Sorry, I didn't mean to beat up HD employees, after all they do own a part of the company don't they?  BTW Lowes is no different.
  BEHR Semi-Transparent Stiain varkpilot Can you put a new co...
I have restained several times over old semitransparent. No problems. Just scrape off what's loose and slap some more on. On the front porch and steps I sprinkle on some fine sand while the stain is wet. Keeps 'em from being too slippery when wet or frosty.

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