My son is going to off college in August, and I am using this opportunity to give him his first set of all the tools I want to replace.  Soon, he'll be the proud owner of a makita drill with only one battery and well worn chuck, as well as a solid set of a sockets (missing all the useful sizes).  You know the drill (har har!!)

Anyway, as far as I can tell the yellow and red brushless drills are about neck in neck.  What I'm curious about are the other tools.  At some point, I'm going to add a recip-saw, maybe a porta-band, circle saw, and right-angle drill/driver.  If you were going to choose a SYSTEM, would you go with the yellow, or the red?

I'm not going to buy the bundle all at once for two reasons.  First, the bundles come with tool I don't need and am not going to need (for example, never going to use an 18v Impact).  Second, in both yellow and red the bundless tend to come with the less good version of the tool.  So I'll get the 'set' that has the drill, the charger, the batteries and then add "bare tool" later.

Second question.  Aside from a little extra weight, I don't see any disadvantage to getting the hammer drill as they both have the ability to turn off the "hammer" feature.  I very very rarely need to drill concrete, but if there is nothing you give up with hammer drill, it seems like a good "just in case I need it" feature?  So, is there something about drilling/driving that the drill/driver just does better than a hammer drill?  Or is the extra weight the only sacrifice you make by getting the hammer drill?
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  Dewalt vs Milwaukee 18V system? And: Drill vs. Hammer Drill. jgourlay My son is going to o...
This past winter I replaced a well-worn Makita 10.8V drill and impact  driver set with a Milwaukee M12 set.  

I wanted lighter equipment for everyday use and I have a serviceable Hitachi 18V that won't die, so I stayed with the 12V size.  Anyway...

This is the first Milwaukee equipment I've bought, and I'm happy with it.  I wouldn't hesitate to get an 18V set, if it comes to that.  I like the full range of tools, and like you, will only buy added tools when the needs presents.  I liked the Milwaukee tool lineup, though I didn't spend a great deal of time comparing the Milwaukee line versus Dewalt. 

I know there are a lot of pros that use Dewalt, and you'll see yellow all over the job sites.  

I don't know that you'll go wrong either way.  One advantage to both is the easy availability of additional OEM batteries.  I've bought after-market replacement batteries and been sorely disappointed.  In fact, lack of suitable replacement batteries is what killed off my Makita 10.8V set. 

Add: Can't talk to the hammer drill. May have that feature if/when I buy an 18V drill. Like you, little call for drilling in concrete. However, can always get a cheapo hammer drill at Harbor Freight if I find a one-time need for holes in concrete.

Good luck.
  Dewalt vs Milwaukee 18V system? And: Drill vs. Hammer Drill. jgourlay My son is going to o...
Been happy with my 20v DeWalt stuff.......no problems at all. Oldest are going on 5 years, all my batteries are still good.

  Dewalt vs Milwaukee 18V system? And: Drill vs. Hammer Drill. jgourlay My son is going to o...
I got tired of spending money on batteries or rebuilds that cost as much as the original tool kit.

My last few purchases have been Ridgid that has a Lifetime Service Agreement (LSA) on their tools.   The original batteries did not last long and they replaced them over the counter.   On my first set of 18 v (now 18 mo old) and third of 12v that was my daily user for 10+ years.   I also bought about six sets of drill-driver & impact driver sets for a place where I do volunteer work.   The DeWalts died long ago.

You need to cross all the Ts and dot all the Is to enable the LSA and re-register any replacements, but it's a small price to pay.
  Dewalt vs Milwaukee 18V system? And: Drill vs. Hammer Drill. jgourlay My son is going to o...
Whelp a couple things.................

For normal non-tool addict fan-boi stuff look at HF.  The Heracles and Bauer line seems nice with new tools coming out all the time.

I'm a B&Y fan boi.  But I don't hate the Red.  Its just once you make a choice you are kinda committed to it.

I gotta lot of crap for big yellow.

Hammer drill??  I got it to put in a bunch of Tap-cons.  It did a good job.  Now I just use it to stir 5gal paint buckets.  Its heavy.  I'd skip it now, not much cement of the new spread.

Regular drill-  skookum.

Circle(sp) saw-its all right



¼" impact driver-most used by far.  Love love love this.

3/8" impact wrench- Love this also.  Second most used.

½" impact wrench-don't use it much, its a beast.  When ya need it ya got it.

Grease gun-my baby. Makes greasing my FEL and mower and stuff fun.

Grinder-  Actually use this for everything.  As long as your near a charger.  Even brushless she loves her some batteries.

Hedge trimmer-I moved before I got to use it and new place hasn't grown in yet.

String trimmer- Love this thing.  Haven't touched gas unit since I got it.  Do I even still have it??  Who cares.

Bunch of 6.0, 4.0 and 3.0 batteries.

I could put together a Red team just as nice just B&Y is much more common around here.  Either would cause my tool addiction to flare.
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  Dewalt vs Milwaukee 18V system? And: Drill vs. Hammer Drill. jgourlay My son is going to o...
I have and am happy with both. Love my new Milwaukee 18V impact driver very compact and has a great punch.
  Dewalt vs Milwaukee 18V system? And: Drill vs. Hammer Drill. jgourlay My son is going to o...
I would like to inform you that Milwaukee has their Fuel models which are brushless and their standard models which are not. Only DeWalt places combos with different batteries, chargers and grades of drill motors to package at different price points.

I own a Milwaukee 18v lithium ion battery equipped drill/driver and a Milwaukee Fuel 12v two tool combo of a drill/driver with impact feature and a Fuel impact driver. This tool set seems equal to the 18v drill in power and usefulness yet lighter weight. The 18v drill came with two 1.5 amp hour batteries. The newer Fuel 12v combo came with a 2.0 and a 4.0 amp hour batteries. The 12v has been my first tool I reach for as it can run right with the 18v in the operations these particular tools perform and is the one I prefer. The 18v platform adds different tools with higher power demands than screwdriving and drilling.

Both perform admirably yet both have different tool options. The impact feature on these cordless drills isn’t of much use as compared with a real impact drill like a Bosch rotary hammer drill but seems just okay with smaller bits. I would recommend the 12v as a drill driver for most operators and the 18v for the general contractor who has higher capacity batteries from other tools in the line that increase the performance level further. The 4.0 amp hour 12v battery that came in my kit is a beast of a performer in either tool. The standard 2.0 battery is no slouch and is fully capable.
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  Dewalt vs Milwaukee 18V system? And: Drill vs. Hammer Drill. jgourlay My son is going to o...
I'm partial to Dewalt (I also make parts for some of their motors). Well made tools, and a week ago tomorrow, I put my 18V impact driver to the ultimate test: I was dock building with a friend, and was on an untethered pontoon. We both stepped on the same side and I went azz over tin cups into the lake. My Dewalt driver went in, and was under water, stuck in muck, for five or ten minutes, until I found it. Shook the water off and it started right up. I blew it completely dry with my air compressor and it is none less for the wear.

My new iPhone XR did not fare so well: it worked for a day or so, until the water trapped inside corroded the innards.
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  Dewalt vs Milwaukee 18V system? And: Drill vs. Hammer Drill. jgourlay My son is going to o...
I bought a yellow 'set' at Lowes a while back and I'm pretty happy with it. Just the basic set not the brushless. Later, I added the hammer drill. It's quite a bit heavier, so if I was just drilling holes in wood I'd rather have just the drill. I don't own one but I've played with the Milwaukee 7-1/4" circular saw (w/ 12ah battery) and I think that's the only tool in the lineup between the 2 systems where Milwaukee is head and shoulders above anyone else. I think DeWalt has more tools in the line-up that may or may not interest you, ie lawn and garden tools, miter saws, etc. So if the circular saw is a big deal to you, I'd go red, otherwise I'd go yellow.
  Dewalt vs Milwaukee 18V system? And: Drill vs. Hammer Drill. jgourlay My son is going to o...
I have many many tools from Milwaukee and can simply state, almost all are cordless and they are all great tools.

#1 tool  or your list is the small portable blower.  You will use this tool EVERYDAY for everything.  Open your car doors and blow out all the dust, clean off your front porch, blow dust and dirt off yourself after a messy job and 100,000 more uses and my MOST used tool!!!

I can recommend their chainsaw, trimmer, weed eater, drills, air inflator, drills, jig saws, I have them all and more.  All are excellent. All are TIME-SAVERS!!!!

In regards to Dewalt tools, I suspect they are pretty close to the same.  

Bottom line here, you have more money then time, what are you waiting for??  
Dewalt vs Milwaukee 18V system? And: Drill vs. Hammer Drill.

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