My workbench is a former kitchen table, the top is laminate, covered with a layer of cut resistant plastic. A part of the surface in the middle (about 10"x10") is very uneven, there are chips missing from the surface, deep marks of chiselings, etc. Also this problematic section became worn, it is a bit lower than the surrounding sections. I would like to fill this section up with some epoxy or any suitable liquid, to fill the cracks and to bring it in level with the surrounding surface. Can you recommend a suitable epoxy for this surface? What I worry about: is there a kind or epoxy that will bond strongly to this kind of plastic surface, and will withstand hammering and chiseling of a wood piece placed on it?

It is probably easier to scuff it up and put down another layer of formica. 

I am not sure I know what "cut resistant plastic" is though.
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This layer is simply a strengthened plastic layer, your knife can actually leave a mark on it, but only in case when you press much harder than on a usual plastic layer. I also don't know what material it is.
A photo would help. It depends on the reason for the depression. Is it only because the plastic laminate is chipped and broken? Is the substrate underneath level? If the substrate is OK, you could cut out the damaged area (a router works well for this) and then glue in a new piece of laminate. You could then scuff sand the entire surface and glue down a new top surface. This is dependent on what the cut resistance actually is. If it is just another plastic laminate surface, gluing down a new surface should work OK.
Repairing plastic bench top

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