While ago I picked up some used Birch Plywood from Craigslist.
Now I will be using that for a router table, one side has natural color, finish, the other side has some light green color but it still shows the grain well.

Yesterday  I cut all the parts for the router table, sand all the plywood with 120 grit paper with palm sander. I like to change the green color to look like a Maple.
Today I used this   Color Blender  to see how the color blend will work.
I see there is possibility to make it  if I use a shade of yellow color.
I am ready to do some experiments, My question is what kind of stain or dye should I use on this green plywood, at the end I can still see the wood grains.
Here is the picture of the plywood. the picture do not show the color well, it is light green.

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  Need Advise Jack01 While ago I picked u...
Since red + green = brown, I'd try a red or cinnamon dye stain.

  RE: Need Advise rwe2156 Since red + green = ...
(04-06-2021, 10:23 AM)rwe2156 Wrote: Since red + green = brown, I'd try a red or cinnamon dye stain.

+1 , I use red dye on the green colored popular which makes it brown.  Roly
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