Hello All,

I need to build and install outdoor shutters on our house... honey do list.

The picture below is the design I plan to follow. It is not too difficult but I will have to build a jig to cut out the horizontal openings you see at the top. I am not planning to cut out the horizontal openings all the way through as that would compromise the structure. I am planning to use 3/4" material but I am not sure what type of wood to use. My wife wants me to match the wood (as best I can) to the new garage door we are buying. I may go with Spanish Cedar, Plain old Cedar or Cypress. 

As you can see, there is one stretcher at the top and a support piece at the bottom. I was thinking of adding a stretcher to the bottom but I guess it looks ok the way it is. As an alternative, I may skip the support piece at the bottom and instead install another stretcher. Depends on what SWMBO thinks.

For glue up, I plan to glue the outside vertical pieces but not the middle piece to the stretcher. I kind of see this as a panel door where the rails and stiles get glued together but the panel floats. Anyone agree or disagree? I live in SE Florida so there is not as much variation in the temperature. Its either hot or really hot. The shutters will be faux and I will attach them to the cinderblock via Tapcons.

Any other suggestions.

Thanks, Bill

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If you plan to screw it to the wall then there are few structural issues to be concerned with; any design you like will be ok as long as the boards can expand/contract as they want.  I would put some standoffs on the back side so that air can circulate freely.  

One alternative to solid wood would be MDO or Extira (sp)  Using a panel would allow you to route those openings all the way through if you wanted to.  You could add solid wood stiles and battens, etc. w/o worry of expansion issues.  Of course, this assumes you are going to paint them.  

  Outdoor Shutter Design Help bpatters69 Hello All, I need...
The bottom batten is going to collect water and cause rot.
I think a lower stretcher slightly taller than the top stretcher would be better.
In fact, the top one looks a little too narrow for my taste.

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  Outdoor Shutter Design Help bpatters69 Hello All, I need...
If you go with a stretcher on the bottom, bevel the top edge to shed water.
  Outdoor Shutter Design Help bpatters69 Hello All, I need...
Thanks for the feedback.

I should have mentioned, I plan to stain the wood to match (or come close) our new garage door.

I have been looking at IPE, Spanish Cedar and Cypress.
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