Been doing a week of tool rehabs.....chisels, planes, screwdrivers...
And I think it is about time to make a little bit of sawdust, again.....
So...I still have about 4 panels at 3/8" by 5" by 5" squares..and a pair of 3/8" by 5' by 12" panels.....and a decent stack of 3/4" x 2" sticks.   Thinking a Frame & Panel box?
You know...plough a bunch of grooves...maybe use a Tongue & Groove to build the corner joints.....Have 2 Stanley 45s that could use a bit of work....

May rip the one 12" long panel down the middle, for the front and back panels....may rip 2 of the squares for the ends....Lid can also be a Frame & Panel using the other 12" long panel.  Plywood bottom to sit on glued-in slips, again.  

Stay tuned....
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

Lumber Supply?
Slabs for the top and 2 sides.....Panels for the frames...
Two squares to be trimmed down for 2 end panels.....rip on the black lines?
Sticks & Slips..to provide the frames for the Frame & Panel work.   And, slips to hold up the plywood bottom panel

Scheduled to start in tomorrow...will see how much of July this will take....3rd Wednesday of the month, I'll go and buy a new stash of Ash 1 x 6s....so, I have until then to get this box done....

Stay tuned
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
How is Ash with hand tools?  I have a small stash in the garage but have never gotten around to trying it.  It seems like it would be similar to Oak.  In other words, not too friendly.
It's all wood.
Seems to work nicely enough.....however, you'll NEED to drill pilot holes for about anything......nails will split the wood, and screws will simply snap off.
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Honey-do list is done, Grocery Run is done.....Lunch is done. 
Cool Waiting on the Jimmie Dean Meatlovers' Breakfast Bowl to settle on through..
Uhoh ..maybe a 1300 hr start time,
Rolleyes today?

Stay tuned.....parts prep today...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Gulley-washer last night, made the floor in the shop a bit soggy...
aka, Dungeon Creek....still, I  did get a little bit done,,,
Sides and ends rough cut to size....ends might be a tad too long..
Ripped a bunch of 3/4" x 3/4" sticks...
To make all the frames with, including the frame for the lid..

Maybe tomorrow, I can start on building a few frames?   May need to build a jig to plough the T & G ......

Stay tuned....( hate wet feet..)
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Would like the frame parts to be 3/4" x 3/4" square....makes things a bit easier to mill a few joints...so...
We have ways....called a Millers Falls No. 15 Jack plane.

Goal today?   to work out all the "Bugs" and get at least one side dry fitted up.....things like milling the grooves for the panels to sit in....and make sure the panels are flat ...and not one edge fatter than the other....makes it easier to fit the panels into the grooves....and lay out the grooves..and the tenons that will go into the grooves.....

Tablesaw to mill the grooves.   Why not the Stanley 45?    Not a way to jig the parts up, and use the fence on the plane, and have the parts stay put, long enough to mill the groove.   Tablesaw was fitted with it's Zero Clearance Overlay....otherwise, the part would drop down into the saw....not good.  
Blade sticks above the overlay somewhere between 1/4" and 3/8"....have moved it down a bit closer to 1/4" ( 5/16"?)  depth...push stick is required..first pass to establish the width of the groove..a pass along each each, should do it..
Next, move the fence enough to remove the 2 strips still in the groove.....then some cutting and fitting, and planing...until I can make 4 tenons AND the panel fit together.

Bottom of the rails that doesn't need a groove....a curve at the bottom edge of the bottom rail, until it removes the side of the un-used groove...now it becomes a foot. 

To get the tenons to fit better.....a 1" wide, SHARP chisel to trim things to fit....Mitre box made the shoulder cuts.....bandsaw the cheek cuts...leave a hair, let the chisel have a little work to do.   Panel was a hair too long....set it and the top and bottom rails into the mitre box...trimmed one end, BEFORE the tenons on THAT end were made.

Getting close....start a clamp up...to also pre-set the clamps for a glue-up...
C clamps to keep the corners flat.   Managed to get a second set of frame parts milled up, and the panel cut to length.....will work on the flat part, later...

Still thinking of a Tongue & Groove to join the corners.....with the "Tongue" milled on the stiles for the end panels....have to watch out WHERE the groove will go in the front and rear stiles....and....HOW deep both will go.  Tablesaw, or try the Stanley 45...?

Stay tuned....will try to get a few more photos, next time...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Well, between the YardSale and the Honey-do list....wasn't much time left for the shop...until..Laundry Detail...which means I need to go to the basement.  

So.. toss a load in the washer, take the dry fit apart, and fine tune the fits...some were a hair too tight.  Load was soon done, transfer to the dryer, load 2nd load into the washer...then the glue up could begin ( almost like herding cats?
Uhoh ) but..
Got it all glued up, and clamped up....may need them clamps tomorrow?    Fine tuned the parts for side 2...
Panel was still a bit too fat along one edge...jack plane to bevel it a bit.   Grooves had some trash in them....
Set the cutter to the depth needed, and clean things up...
First load now dry...haul it upstairs, after loading the dryer with #2Load....next trip down, when #2 was dry...end panels needed trimmed to length..
Still coming off the saw..square.  Yes, I checked.....Needed to flatten them a bit...
Busy Bench?    Tomorrow, I need to cut  4 tenons and get Side #2 glued and clamped up....side #1 cleaned up....then figure out the end panel and frames...

And do another load of Laundry.   First 2 were from the Honey-do list..."WE" needed to clean out the front door's coat closet...since in 6 years time, it had become a catch-all.....6 LARGE trash bags have been hauled to the curb....besides the 2 loads to the washer.   And...meet the new crew..
Shop Kittens....must have worn them out, too.

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Laundry Detail today....not quite as big/bad as yesterday's....was able to get a few things done
Plan for today, was to cut/mill 4 tenons...Decided to try a gauge, to see if it would help...
Then had to thin the panel down a bit, to fit the grooves better...
Test for fit?
I think that will do...dry fit the entire #2 side..
Not too bad.   needed the clamps off of Side #1, because in theory, they should fit side #2 just fine...in theory
Get out the other stuff for a glue up...
start at one end, get it glued and clamped ( vise is great as a 3rd hand)
Then CAREFULLY bring this up and onto the bench, and finish the clamping...
Then set this aside....have other things to do...

Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Ends:   Stiles & Rails....since the panels have been taken care of...trimmed for length, planed for thickness, edges jointed a bit ( to allow for shallower groove depths)
Rails still need tenons on each end....and the feet need sawn to shape...
Was a bit busy, yesterday...maybe?
bench IS a bit messy, today..

Once the ends are assembled and out of the way....I can start on a lid?

Stay tuned....
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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