Got an email from FWW and just looking at it, the widely spaced wheels make clambering a plane iron look difficult.

That wouldn’t be a problem for a chisel.

Am I missing something? Didn’t see the word camber at all

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Woodpeckers is not famous for the sophistication of its engineers' thinking.  They do like their red anodizing, though.

(07-12-2022, 10:36 AM)Bill_Houghton Wrote: Woodpeckers is not famous for the sophistication of its engineers' thinking.  They do like their red anodizing, though.

No worries. If you build it, they will come. Esp. when it comes to tools. Mark up the price to make it look worthy. These days, create a following and you can sell even air!

Though, to be fair: if your goal is a straight-across bevel, the design might be a good one.  Lee Valley's Mk II honing guide has a pretty wide wheel, but Lee Valley also recognized the need for cambered blades, and offers a curved wheel for making cambers.
Looks like a resurrected version of their 2019 sharpening guide. The setup guide seems a bit overkill, but to me, it's well engineered. Just way more money than I'd care to pay for a honing guide. For the honing guide alone, it's the same price as the Lie Nielsen guide, which is a fine guide, but still gets criticized for being expensive.

As for the wide wheels preventing a camber, just put more pressure on one side of the tool than the other and alternate which side gets pressure, and you'll get a camber no matter how wide the wheels are. You put the pressure on the edge of the blade and not on the honing guide. The other hand just keeps the guide tracking straight. That would be the way I would do it.

Or you could just freehand it. If you're able, develop the muscle memory and go to town.
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Do not want to defend them, but I have a couple of their tools, several squares and an edge rule. The squares were worth every penny. The red color actually helps a great deal in locating tools under shavings
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Woodpeckers sharpening guide

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