Have a large stockpile of thin boards...one that could be used as a lid for a box...
2 that could be the sides, and one I can cut for the 2 ends...

All needed to be planed a bit..
Usually for a ridge right down the center,,,,
Millers falls No.900 seemed to work just fine....going at a diagonal to scrub these boards flat..
Then with the grain..same plane, just back off the iron a tad..
Maybe later, I can sort through the "Rack"..
For the proper sized chisel to make the box/finger joints with....as I use a chisel's width to lay out the cuts...

Haven't decided on what the bottom will be...
Maybe something in that stockpile?   #4 doesn't have anything wide enough..

Trying to save these 2 for a second box...

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

the 4 sides of a box..
Those ends were trimmed for length..
Then these two sides were jointed ( and the ends to match)..
Used a chisel to space out the fingers...
And a few other tools to help with the lay outs..
Then lowered the first board down into the vise....and run a saw..
Then 1/2 chops from one face..
Then flip over, and complete the chops...
That wide finger is for cutting the lid from the box....use these fingers to layout for the matching fingers on one end...repeat the saw and chisel work..do a test fit..
And stopped there, for now....first corners are always the worst looking ones.....I get a bit out of practice...may re-do the end's fingers...we'll see..

Stay tuned..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Was NOT happy with that first corner...however, I could turn the end piece over.....#1 corner becomes #2 corner.....and then lay out a better fitting corner #1
Maybe a better way to lay these out?
Have to keep track of where that fat finger is, so they will all line up...more saw work..
More chisel work..
Try again..
Square, no gaps...used the old #1 to lay out the new #2...
With better knife walls...test fits..
Looking a bit better?   Continue around and do #3 corner...
Which left #4 to do the next day...
Which did not take all that long to do...
Full dry full of all 4 corners.    I was going to go ahead and glue these up, but...those little brushes I use to spread glue into each finger (and NOT my own) weren't around, just an empty bag....so, today I stopped by Harbor Freight, and bought a new bag....36 count Acid Shop Brushes....trying to decide whether to try my luck at a glue up...on a Monday....or just wait?   I also have a supply of cauls at the ready..

Will have to have a way to check for square as I assemble the 4 sides....and NOT bow the sides in, at the middle....

We'll see....if'n you hear a lot of cussing going on....mean Father Murphy was trying to "help out"...

Stay tuned.....
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
The Calm before the Storm?
Bottle of glue and a NEW Acid Brush waiting to go to work....
Spacers to keep the middle from bowing in..
And cauls on the ends...
And, kept checking things for square....will let this sit a day....tomorrow off come the clamps, a good clean up of the glue joints..then work on the top and bottom panels...
Bottom panel will need a bit of work....

Stay tuned
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Bottom and top panel were trimmed to size, flattened enough for a glue joint..
beads of glue brushed out, top and bottom..
Let this sit a day....

Until this afternoon...then removed 1/2 of the clamps..
Making sure nothing flies apart at me...should be safe enough to remove the rest of the clamps?
Then into the bench vise..
Planes and sanders take over..until...
All 4 sides are looking good..then work on the bottom and top..

Just about ready to saw the lid off?   Have to mark a line, first..
Then use a combo square and a pencil to darken the cut lines...
Remember that one FAT finger?   Cut line is trying to split that finger, between the box and the lid....

Stay tuned, and see how well the saw work went
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Sawing a lid off of a box....can be done a lot of ways....today it will be by hand saw.    First saw was the Disston No. 68 Dovetail saw....

Stand the box up on one end.   Start the dovetail saw on one corner,  then the other corner....then connect those 2 corners.    Repeat for the other end..
Set the Dovetail saw aside..
Like maybe into the tool well, for now (not quite done with it)   The old No.4 Backsaw was next...connect one end to the other...until the saw drops down into the kerfs on the ends. 

To saw the other long side, I need a shim to keep the parts from snapping shut on the saw....
Saw plates are about the same thickness...why not..
You can feel when the saw is through....and even hear it....as there will be a "snap" sound..

Set both saws aside..set the box on it's bottom...and see how things turned out..
So...next time I head down to the shop..
Will see about adding the hardware....and maybe even a finish, of some sort?

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Leveled the edges as best as I could..
Getting there...trying to remove a gap..
Then clamp into the bench vise, and get a few tools ready..
And a pencil to mark where the holes will go...hinges installed first..
Then flip over, and install a latch..
Have to make sure the latch works..

Then stand the box up on an end..
Centered by way of the MK-2, MOD 4 Eyeballs....then rotate and repeat for the other end...
Waiting on a coat of Witch's Brew Stain...

Just a teaser, for now.....Friday I'll ad a few coats of Amber Shellac, 1 pound cut....and see how it looks...

Stay tuned, almost done..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
It was 1 coat of the Amber Shellac...then rubbed out with some 0000 Steel wool...then wiped off.....then a coat of Minwax  "Warm" gloss poly...allowed to dry overnight....then rubbed down with the steel wool, again..
Only shellac on the inside...
Goal was to have the grain flow all the way around the outside of the box..
Had to watch which way the back's grain was going...
As well as the lid.  

View of the right front corner..
And the left front corner...
And, an idea how the sides meet up with the back..

Saved a few boards from the fire pit, it did...Thanks for looking in...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Every time I see one of your projects it makes me smile.

Not only do you use common hand tools, but I just love the seat of the pants style of wingin' it.

Good to note for others how your joint didn't look great, many would fret at that point and throw the towel...

But the results are what it's all about and you have more projects under your belt than most anyone here, you shame the rest of us...

That is a sweet box!
Geometry was the most critical/useful mathematics class I had, and it didn't even teach me mathematics.
I really like the wood on this one.  
It is always the right time, to do the right thing.

Hi, I'm Arlin's proud wife! His brain trma & meds-give memory probs and has pain from injuries, but all is well materially & financially.  
A Box Project

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