To make something.  
There IS a Prototype AND a set of plans...
Plan is from Paul Sellers, he calls it a Desktop Organizer.  

So, other than 2 pieces of 1/4" thick plywood...everything else will be from that  7/8" x 6" x 59"  plank. 

Haul the plank to the shop, and lay out for a few cross cuts..
Need a couple just over 12" long....lid and the bottom of the box...

I was going to use the "new" $2 Keystone saw...thought that maybe a panel saw would be better...
10ppi D8, 20" long
Kept cutting parts...
Decided to resaw the sides to 3/8" thickness...I can get both the back and the front...and both ends, that way...Lid needs to be 11/16" thick, and the bottom at 1/2" thick...

Which left this mess..
for the sides and back of that drawer.....drawer front will be out of the Front panel, so the grain will match up.

So, on to the resaw stuff..( spent just over 90 minutes in the shop, yesterday....this was just the first 15 minutes of it)

Stay tuned.
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

Resaw....I do not trust the bandsaw.  Makes more "waves" that the Irish Sea.    Tablesaw can't raise high enough to get to the center of a 1x6....but...

We have ways....

Zero Clearance Overlay, and the rip fence...
My version of a Kerfing Plane.  Set the fence so the best of the boards run against the fence...at the required distance to start a resaw....11/16"...1/2"..3/8"...Boards are run through on edge..
Means the edges need to be 90 degrees to the faces.   Had only one that wasn't...
A Jointer soon fixed that....I run all 4 edges through,,,
On all 5 boards.  Then the Cardio Workout can begin....
Tried this set up at first....board wanted to just tip on over...results?
This will be the lid of the box.   Checked to see IF the bench end vise would open up enough...and tried things that way....
Seems to work a bit better.  Saw as far down as I can, without sawing the vise...flip the board and saw from the other end...
Just follow that kerf..until...
It is a good idea to raise the sawn part up about an inch or two above the jaws, as...as soon as I meet up with the other cut, the saw will drop....and, since my left Pinky is right at the edge of the saw's handle...it might (and did!) hit that sharp corner of the board....results?
2 done, 3 more to do.   Saw is a Disston B8, 28" long, 5-1/2 ppi, thumb-hole.   made BEFORE 1928...as the "8" is inside of the "D" in the readable etch....same age as that Panel saw, BTW

Had to stop, after 4 boards...was soaked clear through, even with the shop fan on high.   Decided to sweep up the piles of saw dust, and head upstairs for a COLD Tonic & Gin....I think I earned that. 

Saturday?  More cross cuts and rips...need to save some of the off-cuts in case I use slips instead of grooves.  Need to plane the parts flat, then start on some dovetail layouts.

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Resaws needed rip for width..
Cross cut for length...the last resaw was also done..
Needed some drawer parts ( back and 2 sides) ripped from it..
Cut the best of the mess...
All the edges were jointed, as some were a bit rough...
and after...
That Millers Falls No. 8 was out because...
All faces needed to be planed smooth and FLAT....makes joinery go a bit better, right.
I also planed the lid and base, while I was at it....decided which panel to cal the "Front"...
So I could split it into a front and a drawer front...that way, the grain will match..
Like on the Prototype, in theory....
Saturday was a busy 90 minutes.....swept up a pile..and called it a day...

Stay tuned for Sunday's Funnies...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Some, at least...laid the 4 sides out on the bench..
To see how well the grain will match up...
Some better than others..
The "Upper" front gets a rebate along it's bottom edge...to house a panel..
The other 3 sides get a groove to match that rebate..
Combo square to lay out the grooves....just have to measure down from the top edges..
I used the prototype to guide as a pattern..
To help lay out the pins...yes, I do pins first.  Then a "new" saw was tried out..
$2 for a Jackson 12" backsaw...
Starts easy, does not drift in the cut...about 8 full strokes to go 3/8" deep...like this a lot better than my 14" Disston No.4 backsaw...at least for this thin stuff..

Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Once the pins were sawn...needed a place to chop out the waste..
Because, after I knife a line...the chisels will take over...hate when a board won't sit still...
That should do....I chop down about half way from the "show side", flip over and finish the chops ( something didn't look quite right..)

Then a coping saw, used like a rasp, to clean up the pins..
Supposed to be 2 lines for a groove?    Ok..we bass-ackwards....easy to fix...just turn the board the way it is supposed to be, and THEN trace around the pins to lay out the tails...and erase a few marks...then redraw them else where...
I use a bandsaw to make these cuts...as I can see the lines better, while trying to leave the lines...Chop out the waste, as before, and try a dry fit..or 2
Still needs a little fine tuning...

I was also on Laundry Detail..
And..when the washer was done with this load ( minus the crystals) and put into the dryer....shop gets a bit too toasty...time to sweep up, and call it a day

Stay tuned...Mondays the shop is closed..
Yeah, that "Monday" thing...the shop does have a "Motto", though...
Sent to me by a good friend, that uses a laser for this sort of work..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
An update?   I think I can do that....since the camera issue has been resolved.    Memory Card was too full, had to make a copy, and save..then "shred" what was on the card..nice and empty, once more.....but, not until AFTER a 2 hr session IN the shop.    One thing nice about taking photos while I am working, it is almost like taking a short coffee break, between doing the tasks...so...what did get done, while I was ticked off at the camera

Corners #2 and #3, still under dry fit...
Floor board panel trimmed down to fit..once all the grooves and a rebate were milled for it..
Groove plane?
Does not do that well with boards shorter than it is....
There is a "Cam rest" in use, to help prevent the plane from tipping to the fence side..

Rebate plane?
Rotate the cam rest up, out of the way, slide the fence over until it hits the 3/16" wide cutter...More dry fits..
Which left this #4 corner to do....and that is where I stopped for Tuesday's work session....went upstairs, and worked over the camera, then came back to the shop to take a few photos,
 then back upstairs ( whew..
Rolleyes) and see how these turned out...

Stay tuned for Wednesday's Session....
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Corner #4...took a bit of extra cussing....to get these to come out right..
This is the 3rd try?   Pins kept wanting to wind up going the wrong direction..
So after a lot of checks and double checks...was finally able to get this ready for the saw...and then the chisels...then trace around the cleaned up pins, to mark out the tails...
I used the bandsaw to make these cuts...because I can see the lines better, and in theory, can cut on the waste side of the lines....then a chisel to chop out the remains..

Kept trying to dry fit everything together....something was holding the front piece proud...turned out to be a sloppy groove...
That wasn't lined up with the rebate across the front....seems the Stanley 45 has issues with boards that are shorter than it is....corrected that issue...chisel.

Decided that IF everything will go together...may some glue, and a brush...and a few good clamps..
Where the floor board meets to front rebate, there is a bead of glue in the rebate, so...
A few other clamps, to pull things into the bead of glue....let this sit a day.....
Stay tuned...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Trying to decide IF I want to continue here.....

To quote the Princess Royal:
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
I always really enjoy your posts.
"Life is too short for bad tools.".-- Pedder 7/22/11
You'll have to ask iclark about that...
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Have one plank to use

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