For those who follow my builds this is my latest "Deco II" This is what I'm calling it for now. This will be my most ambitious carving project to date. After returning the piece to the lathe and undercutting the rim I hand drew my filigree pattern on the rim to be pierced and carved. To protect my work from the oils in my hands while all of the carving process is going on I seal the pencil lines and wood with the end bit of a lacquer rattle can. After carving the rim I'll add some pyrography to it and add some details to the base.

Simply amazing piece of art !
Thank you Dusty; I continue to carve the rim, on to the next section.
What are you using to carve, and what are your favorite burrs?

(11-24-2022, 11:09 PM)Dusty Workshop Wrote: What are you using to carve, and what are your favorite burrs?

Most of the carving is done with the Flexcut knife in the photo, it out lines the drawing, removes large sections between the holes that I drill with my Dremel and does a great deal of the detailing. When I get to the very small things I use Flexcut micro gouges and these burs for the Dremel. 
I can see why you call it, "my most ambitious project yet".  Bruce the detail is amazing!
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On to the third section of the rim carving.
Are you keeping record of how many hours you have in on this project?

(11-30-2022, 07:57 PM)Dusty Workshop Wrote: Are you keeping record of how many hours you have in on this project?

Dusty I do not keep tract of hrs., I started the whole project something like Nov. 7 th. 
  I'm now half way through the rim carving and finished the 4th section. last  look at this side I cover this type of carving with several layers of tape starting with frog tape (painters tape) there is less glue. This does two things helps protect from oils from my hands and after cutting away as much as I have the rim has become fragile. This makes carving the second half a challenge. I show the base in the photos so you will see the changes I'll be making there.
Deco II second Half
The day was spent roughing out the outer portion of the rim, cutting to the pencil lines only. This was done to keep the rim solid while I hand carve the outer sections. After cutting as much detail as I can into the outer portion I will slowly remove the inner sections so not to make the piece snap. There are only small points where the rim contacts the main bowl and outer ring.
Deco II

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