Let There Be Light: POSTSCRIPT
(11-21-2021, 09:26 AM)Mike Brady Wrote: Wow! a really tough room here.  

Phillip's stuff is consistently my favorite.

Thanks much Mike! Its odd that sometimes a post will trigger people into "left-handed" complement mode: not sure why that is? Anyway, the point of the post was not to get accolades for the cabinet (again, this was built a couple of years ago, and I believe I did post it then, and received the appropriate amount of glory at the time). I wanted to show what interior lighting can do to a glass front cabinet like this. It makes an amazing difference and is well worth the effort if you are planning a similar build.

In a somewhat related experience: I remodeled a condo to sell it. All new kitchen cabinets: not high end, but presentable. We featured a glass front half height cabinet over the sink and installed Hafele lighting in this cabinet. This one design detail made the kitchen stunning (IMHO) and we ended up selling it to the first party that came to see it.

Lighting can make an amazing difference.
You are the maker, so only you can decide what is precisely right for you.

For a display cabinet, how often are its doors open or closed? For mine (lighted and no through gap), about once every 7 to 8 months......for dust cleaning. Opening one door at a time vs opening them both at the same time is a non-factor. If it's a cabinet in a business that requires it to open and close daily or multiple times a day, the consideration might be different.

Compare that to the (may be) lighting and (real) dust concerns, I'd not rule out the door modification suggestion right away. May be you can revisit its relevance after a few months of use. Who knows? May be you like to see the lighting shining through.

Tough crowd? I don't think whoever suggested the change meant to belittle the piece or the skilled owner.

As someone who is not an exclusive hand tool woodworker, it's interesting to observe the comments here sometimes. First, Phillip I think the cabinet is very nice and I do like the effect of the lighting, especially for a display cabinet. I did see the comment first made about the light showing through the door(s) opening as somewhat critical. To me this is strictly a personal taste decision. It's the reason they still make Ford's and Chevy's.

Maybe a PM to Phillip with a suggestion might've been just as effective. In any event, I do enjoy seeing the work displayed here and the lessons learned.

You know, sometimes I forget that we have been dealing with the plague for nearly two years now and I am not aware of anyone who has had a positive mood change because of it. Have to allow for that, in the spirit of good fellowship.

Carry on.
I assume that posting is intended to open the way for discussion.

I made the comment about the light showing through the door. It was a criticism, but intended as a constructive one. The cabinet is a joy, beautifully made. Adding light changed the game. It altered the dynamics. What worked before no longer does as well. If the cabinet was mine, I would add a rebate and tongue to block light. In fact, if light showed through a gap at any stage, I would block the gap. The cabinet would be unfinished until attention could only be focussed on the interior and no where else.

Regards from Perth

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Can't remember which forum I was on when I once saw a post from a member making an entry and insisting that it wasn't open for any critical comments. Of course, some people went ahead and made comments that he didn't like regardless. That's the nature of any forum, I guess.

The only safe way to show something and to see no divergent views is to do it on a blog and disable the comment section.

Philip, your cabinet is beautiful and the build is immaculate. But I'm in Derek's camp on this one. To me, the light shining through the gap of the doors just makes it look like someone forgot to close the door. If you like it that way, by all means keep it that way. Part of the beauty of forums like this is that multiple opinions can be expressed that offer other interested woodworkers alternatives for similar builds.
Still Learning,

Allan Hill
Boy, this is a tough one.
To repeat, I love the cabinet!
When Derek first chimed in, I felt offended for Philip.  We all know, no one in these parts, does nicer work than Derek but does that give him the right to critique another's work?  No! Well maybe.  Ok, yes it does.

I belong to a woodturning club.  Monthly people submit pieces for critique.  It is absolutly frustrating when the critique is: "nice looking piece, pretty wood, great finish".  No one learns a "cotton pickin thing" for comments like that!!!!!!!!!!!

The light showing between the doors did not bother me.  But after Derek and others pointed out the dust issue, if I were to build a display cabinet, I would most likely address the gap.

One more time: beautiful cabinet Philip.  Thank you for taking the time post.
"I tried being reasonable..........I didn't like it." Clint Eastwood
I think the cabinet looks beautiful.

I would not have noticed the crack if Derek had not mentioned it.

I think it looks fine either way, up to the personal discretion of the builder.
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Thought about it:

Maybe two lamps would have been better?
Or a thin stripe of foil could shadow the part betwen the doors.


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