My latest couple projects
I always enjoy seeing other's projects but then get reluctant about sharing my own.  Going to go out on limb and put these out there.

First is a wedding card box.  Interesting quick back story.  Daughter's friend is getting married.  Bride decided to "splurge" on an $80 IKEA-like hexagonal card box off of Etsy.  Waited and waited.  Tried tracking and couldn't really find it anywhere.  Turns out it was shipping from Ukraine.  Enough said. Daughter felt sorry for her and thought Dad should fix it.  Dad, can you build a box like this?  Sure.

Front and back are removable for access.  Two dowels to positively align and magnets in the corners to hold it together.  Rabbets in the front and back main assembly to hold thin pieces of acrylic (or polycarb - don't remember which) which are trapped in place by the front and back.  Unseen is the back where I engraved their first names across the top rail and the date across the bottom rail.  All in all pretty satisfied with how it came out.  I am not horribly impressed with the finished pictures but lets just say I only got one quick shot at picture taking and had to deliver on a tight schedule.  I am pretty sure it is a little nicer than the wood grain cardboard thing she was going to get.  Probably never meet the recipient but my daughter is happy.





Second is a chess board.  A friend's son has a girl friend who is a serious chess player.  He thinks it would be nice to give her a chess board for her birthday.  Never met this girl either.  Not sure how I get myself into these deals.  But the friend has been a good friend for years so I will help his son out.  Not much to say about this on other than here it is.  I do have a post in the Finishing forum asking about a defect in the finish on this one if any one has some advice

#9 should be very proud, and confident, of your work...
Exceptionally nice work !
Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut, and have the world think you a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.
(06-22-2022, 07:13 PM)Gregor1 Wrote: Exceptionally nice work !

Agreed.  There's no reason to be reluctant to show work like that. 

Very nice work and "good on ya" for helping folks out!

Both are great, but I'm partial to the chess board.  From what I have read, those things can be tricky. 

As long as you're in the mood for making stuff for people you don't know.... 
Chessboard is beautiful!

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