Guidelines for Posting(Up dated)--READ BEFORE POSTING!!!!!!!
When posting in this forum, please observe the following guidelines:

To help keep as many different threads on each page, please use only one thread for multiple items. The multiple items can be noted in the thread title.

  • This forum is for selling/swapping tools. If you're not looking to buy, sell, or trade, your post is off-topic and subject to deletion.
  • Clearly state what you're selling or looking for, and the price you have in mind.

  • If you are advertising or associated with a business, that's fine, but you need to be up front about this fact.
  • It's helpful to others if you include your location in your post. You may want to also put it in the subject line of your posting.
  • If you feel someone's asking price is out of line, it's often more polite to contact them via private message rather than posting in their thread. Use your best judgement.
  • It is courteous to post a follow-up when the item has been bought or sold.
  • If you'd like to disable replies to your post, send a private message to one of the moderators to the Tool Swap 'n Sell forum.
  • Posts omitting either description or price will be deleted without notice.
  • Posts that direct people to other ads off-site, such as eBay auctions or Craigslist ads, are also subject to deletion.
  • When listing multiple items, use a single thread instead of multiple threads.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line at

(The original posting of these guidelines was slightly different. If you have suggestions, let me know.)
On the multiple thread issue, currently the software limits one to 10 images per post, and these are links to flicker, photobucket, etc., so its not eating bandwidth.  I for one like to post multiple pics of each item from different angles so folks have a really clear idea of what condition the tool is.  Can something be done about the rather arbitrary 10 pic limit; the old software had no such limit.  Just a suggestion from someone trying to obey the rules...  :-)
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It would be nice if the seller were to use the title area to note the item or which of the items were already sold.  This would help buyers by not needing to open the post and search throughout the original post and its various replies to see if the item was still available.

Just one thought.  Thanks.
Is there and issue with posting pics in the classifieds. I keep getting a MySQL error when I try to attach a pic. I can't even send a message to the classified forum manager.

A question came up in one of the threads - is it OK to list items that are for sale on other forums? For example, posting that an item is on sale on Ebay OK, or does the item have to be for sale here?
(05-26-2005, 10:13 AM)WoodNet Manager Wrote: It's helpful to others if you include your location in your post. You may want to also put it in the subject line of your posting.
I personally think that this should be required or the post should be deleted....  
At the very least the state should be known...
It is very frustrating to have to see if they are in a reasonable distance from you...
Some mistakes are too much fun to make only once.

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