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I have not mastered the search form yet. Do you have instructions how to use this form? When I search, it doesn’t come close to what I was looking for.
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It's a little tricky, but I'll try to help.

Let's say that you want to find threads that discuss a router table.

You can't put in just the 2 words, as it won't work right.

I always check off " in subject and body", out of force of habit. And "Newer than 1 Year"

So here's what you have to type in the "Keyword search terms" box.

+router, +table, -re:

The plus signs mean to include the word. The commas and spaces are important.

And the -re: tells it that you want the 1st post only, and not all of the reply posts. (You will see them in order once you open that thread.)

This is what it will give you:

Need to build a router table, any recommendations? Woodworking Power Tools TrevorS 09/07/10 07:44 PM

shop redesign... moving tools out to the center.. Woodworking Power Tools BigDaddy 08/24/10 11:12 AM

Router in table moving Woodworking Power Tools gramps 05/01/10 02:26 PM

Router Table Issues Woodworking Power Tools DragonLady 03/28/10 08:42 PM

Milwaukee 1.75 hp router advice Woodworking Power Tools AndyM 01/26/10 12:52 AM

Safety Glasses? Woodworking Power Tools Puffin 01/03/10 11:47 AM

Try it.

Hope that helps...
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Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
I'd be interested in seeing if there are other WNetters in my area. Can you search on location?
Not at present. It's usually easiest to start a thread in one of the forums and let members chime in.

Some members prefer not to disclose their location, or they put only vague geographical information, so I think a search function there would be of limited value.
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I have better results using google put in words then + woodnet We really need a google engine on the search funtion it is an antique that is virtually worthless in actual use
Thanks. That worked. Funny... Only one person from Nashville?!?
Is there a way to only view only the Forums that I am interested in, such as Handtools, Woodworking and Swap & Sell when starting up? I used to be able to do that before this Revision.

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