Re: Re: Acronyms by Joe Myers ([blockquote]Kemosobe...)
Joe Myers said:

Reloaded it and should be at:;sb=5&o=
Regards, Joe

Joe -

Link is still no good.

Great idea, having an acronym list... But instead of maintaining two lists, why doesn't K.L. McReynolds keep this list updated?

And what does CL mean (as used here)?

- djb
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  Re: Re: Acronyms by genusCastor ([blockquote]Joe Myer...)
Abair ach beagan agus abair gu math e
  Re: Acronyms by K. L McReynolds (AAW American Associa...)
HF can also mean Hollow Form, as in turning a vase, etc.
You can turn an awful lot of stuff on that lathe. Or, if you are like me, you can turn a lot of awful stuff on it. -clovishound
  Re: Re: Acronyms by Joe Myers (Nms, [br] [br]WTB us...)
I have another that might be nice to add...

I've seen someone using "HTH" on here, I assume from context that it means "Hope That Helps", but it took a me a minute or two to get it...
  Re: Re: Acronyms by maglite (I have another that ...)
added. Thanks.
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  Re: Acronyms by K. L McReynolds (AAW American Associa...)
OOOOh, here are a couple,
CL - Craig's list, MIA - Missing In Action, God Bless them and their families.... and.....

keep the political junk out. domed threads in OFF TOPIC only
  Re: Re: Acronyms by AgGEM (OOOOh, here are a co...)
That was NOT political at all, it was pure , CLEAN humor. But it is your call.....
  Re: Re: Acronyms by AgGEM (That was NOT politic...)
What does LIL mean?
  Re: Re: Acronyms by Pedder (What does LIL mean?...)
Last In designate that a post is not necessarily in response to the immediate preceding post.

  Re: Re: Acronyms by barnowl (Last In d...)
Thank You!

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