Re: Re: Acronyms by Patsfan (I have seen DFW used...)
I can't find the meaning of 'HAND'

I've often seen it associated with HTH

Any ideas what it means


My "day job"
  Re: Re: Acronyms by Peter Tremblay (I can't find the mea...)
Peter Tremblay said:

I can't find the meaning of 'HAND'

I've often seen it associated with HTH

Any ideas what it means


Have A Nice Day

Usually intended ironically

  Re: Re: Acronyms by A Squared ([blockquote]Peter Tr...)
This list should be required reading for all newbies (DAMHIKT )!

The link to an updated list is giving this message:

We could not find the post or forum that you were trying to access.

Please use your back button to return to the previous page.

I really appreciate the work that has gone into making this list. Perhaps the OPer (Original Poster) could edit their OP (Original Post) so that OP (Other People) (ok, I'm carried away - someone should carry me away) wouldn't have to read thru everything and could have the alphabetic index from which to work.

'twould be nice to have the words, when used in context, have a mouse-over pop-up-definition, but that would be both too hard to make happen and too easy for us newbies.
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  Re: Re: Acronyms by sam22bennett (BORG? I thought we d...)
sam22bennett said:

BORG? I thought we determined that came about as "Big Orange Retail Giant" referring to Home Despot

To BORG = Big Old Retail Giant
which could refer to any of the retail giant stores out there.
  Re: Acronyms by K. L. McReynolds (AAW American Associa...)
ty ty ty! I have been going nuts wondering what a lot of these meant. I actually left the website a couple times because I couldnt understand the WW's lingo. Bump was driving me nuts, but I thought it was a persons way of showing they were in checking on their post. OP I just figured out 2 days ago although I figuered it out to be the person who started the thread a while ago. Glad I found this link. The DAMHIKT had me totally stumped though. I always learn something new everyday on this forum, including how little I actually know about wood and woodworking, when I thought I knew a lot. I'm finding out I'm just beginning to learn and look forward to learning from the best.
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  Re: Acronyms by K. L. McReynolds (AAW American Associa...)
I don't think it's an acronym, but what does Gumping mean? I see it used in the basement.
  Re: Re: Acronyms by Bob DeViney (I don't think it's a...)
Gumping is a term that a long time member named the act of choosing to "Ignore this User", which is available to all members.

Just click on his name, and then look in the lower right hand side of your display for the option.

It's a referral to Forrest Gump, the movie. One of his lines was "And then he was gone!"

So, when you "Ignore a User", he is "Gumped".

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  Re: Acronyms by K. L. McReynolds (AAW American Associa...)
What does "domed" mean?
  Re: Re: Acronyms by woodturner9 (What does "domed" me...)
A domed post has the capitol icon in the title to denote its political content. Given the nature of poliposts, there is an option to make them invisible for those that prefer.
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  Re: Re: Acronyms by blackhat (A domed post has the...)
what is- FWIW

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