Great Customer Service, Industrial Abrasives
I have long been an advocate and user of Mirka Gold sandpaper. After reading raves about RHYNOGRIP (made in Portugal) paper from Industrial Abrasives and needing some fine grits I ordered a couple of 50 count boxes for the 5" 8 hole sanders.
After using it for a few weeks I was sold. I do indeed find it sands better, leaves less scratch patterns and is better at not clogging.
As a bonus it is cheaper than Mirka is at Amazon.
I recently scored a German made Ridgid 2610 6" 6 hole ROS at a great price. I ordered 4 boxes of H&L paper for it from Industrial Abrasives, the price for this size is $10 less than for Mirka.
A day after I placed the online order a lady from IA called and let me know that if I ordered 5 boxes there is a $2/box discount. She didn't try to convince me to order more, just letting me know about the reduced price. Great service, IMO.
Well, yesterday in the mail was a letter from IA with a copy of the invoice and a hand written note that they had accidently charged $1 too much for shipping, $8 instead of $7.
AND, there was a nice crisp $1 bill in the letter.
To me this is impressive customer service and a superior product.

Oh, a $50 order gets a free gum rubber sandpaper cleaning stick also.
Thanks for sharing the positivity! Great to hear some companies are still doing it right...
Based upon this post back in May, I ordered a couple of 50 disc boxes of Rhynogrip H&L discs in 180 and 220 grit from Industrial Abrasives. At under $12 per box of 50 discs, I was wondering if they would live up to their reputation. I should know by now to trust you guys on the forum. The Rhynogrip discs are great!

After about 10 - 15 minutes use on my PC ROS, sanding oak panels, the Rhynogrip discs still looked like they were brand new. In fact, they looked so good, I put them right back in the original box. Rhynogrip is now my favorite brand of sanding disc.
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It is good stuff. The web-site is clunky at best but the product and customer service is top notch.
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I ordered some a couple of months ago and I too am impressed with the product and the service. Good stuff!
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Thanks to all who posted on this... great info!

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