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Kala Raymond - I started turning a few months before I quit my job as a software engineer to apprentice to a master furniture builder a little over a year ago. Thought it would be a good way to supplement my meager income as an apprentice. HAHAHAHA. Spent 5000 + so far and maybe sold 3000. But I don't regret it at all. Now that furniture making is my job I needed a new hobby anyways.

Archie England, 49 yo, a teacher/preacher. Been turning for about a year. Just graduated from a Jet 12-20 to an older Delta 16-42 vs, and loving it. Learning from a fantastic "rocket scientist" turned bowl turning guru (on a VBmaster). Actually got into lathe turning by accident: I needed handles for my odd and end chisels and stuff that I was restoring for hobby furniture building. I had gotten into handtools because I fear/respect TS, jointer, etc. and b/c I hate sanding--hence, hand planes to the rescue.

Having fun, doing what's fun...
Gotta learn it sometime, so take your time, enjoy, and make sawdust...
George Kromka
Age 60

Turning 5 or 6 years I guess.
Life is tough, tougher if you're stupid

John Wayne

Kurt Whitley, 49.
I am an Engineering Test Lab Supervisor.
I've been a passionate beginning turner for about three years, now.
Joe Fisher said:

Joe Fisher. Joe, Joey, JoeFish, Fish, PhatJoe for a short while, Jo-Jo to two odd people, Josephus to one odder person, Josef, Jehosephat, Ira Joe Fisher.

32 y/o this past May. Turning for about 3 years, I guess.


Uncle Joey
If it don't hold soup, it's ART!!

Dry Creek Woodturning

Trevor Wilkins from Powell River which is located on The Sunshine Coast (cruel joke this year) of British Columbia.

I am 54, started turning in grade 8 but then spent my working life in the offshore oil industry, finally got back into turning when I attended The Fine Woodworking Program at Selkirk College in Nelson B.C.

Mucked about on an old ER10 Shopsmith till I couldn't afford to buy my Vic 300S but so glad I did!
Never look back. Something might be gaining on you!

Leroy "Satchel" Page
Rick Bieniek Sacramento, CA
Love segmented work, or anything that makes sawdust!!

Name is Gary age 60 been turning almost 1 yr
Welcome to the forum, Gary!
Never, under ANY circumstances, make the last cut.

Three Seasons Woodturnings
My screen name is my ham radio call sign. My name is Ralph, been turning about 3 years (other stuff, well, i built my house 28 years ago, the shop/garage 15 years ago and the barn 5 years ago, plus other stuff through the years)
I'm in the same local turning club as GeorgeK
Making sawdust mostly, sometimes I get something else, but that's more accident then design.

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